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  • Daniel Daniel Mar 2, 2011 12:27 AM Flag

    I need help please

    well im in a 10 man h2h league right now and im currently in 5th place maybe 4th by the end of the week. but now that playoffs are coming up im not really sure if im happy with my team. theres actually alot of changes i want to be done but i want to get some advice first. heres my team

    PG - DJ Augustin
    PG - Chauncy Billups
    PG,SG - Jamal Crawford
    SG,SF - Andre Iguodala
    SG,SF - Brandon Roy
    SG,SF - Wesley Matthews
    SF - Kevin Durant
    PF,C - Joakim Noah
    PF,C - Marcus Camby
    PF,C - Lamarcus Aldridge
    C - Andrew Bogut
    C - Chris Kaman
    C - Emeka Okafor

    Now these are the FA's im interested right now:
    SG, SF, PF - Grant Hill
    PG,SG - George Hill
    C - Marcin Gortat
    PF- Kris Humphries
    PG,SG - Randy Foye
    SG,SF - Chase Budinger

    now i actually wanna pick up all of these guys but i dont know who i should drop. in this league no one is interested in trading (exactly why im hard up on PGs bec. theres none available in the FA pool) so im thinking of dropping brandon roy, chris kaman and possibly jamal crawford and wesley matthews. these FA's in my league are hot so please help me out on what i should do.

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    • I would drop Roy and pick up Gortat. Then I would trade Noah for a quality point guard. You'll be ok then

    • I would pick up Grant Hill. I have him & he's been tremendous 4 me. Looks like you have a lot of Cs so u could probably drop a few of them. I would drop Camby for Hill. Crawford for Foye. Then take your pick between Roy & Matthews. & go w/Humphries &/or Budinger. But definatly get rid of 1 of them. I've heard/seen games were Roy has done alright since the injury, & he might get it goin before the post-season. Personally I would be careful. I definately get Hill & drop either Roy or Matthews, but if ur doin well there might not be too much to change.

      Since I gave you my 2 cents can I get urs?
      I'm in 3rd & possibly could be 2nd next wk. I'm lacking in Cs I'm looking @ Jordan, Heyward, Nazir Muhammad, Perkins, Kaman & possibly dropping Arenas for 1. Suggestions? I also recently picked up Harden. But Budinger is out there. & Hansborough is lookin ok. I've done pretty well in just about everything other than the defensive end all season. So I don't know if I should give that up & focus on running away with the offense.

    • drop roy for humphries..he's a great double double guy with a very nice fantasy playoff schedule.


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