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  • Sho Sho Mar 1, 2011 5:50 AM Flag

    Best Team I had in years... Please rate it.

    very solid team overall, i like the trades that you made and the results of it. no doubt you should win championship. can you take a look at my team?

    12 team h2h league

    G monta Ellis
    G Jose calderon
    G dorell wright
    F luol deng
    F josh smith
    F lebron James
    C elton brand
    C tyson chandler
    Util Paul millsap

    Bench: nick young, mo Williams, Ty Lawson

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    • 1. currently your weakest player is ty lawson
      2. loving the LBJ and Josh Smith picks... hoping josh will clear his upcoming MRI and not get seriously injured
      3. the players you have don't have much playoff games so that might be a problem especially during the championships... only deng and young have a good playoff schedule.
      4. I am guessing you lead your league in assists... and very strong in steals with monta on your team...
      5. The foundation for securing the win in blocks is there with josh smith, brand, and tyson... but I am pretty sure other teams will be better in blocks. add either Darko / Mcgee / Ibaka if still available in waiver wires... just one of them will get you the win in blocks.
      6. FT% will be shaky with josh and lbj.
      7. FG% is decent even though you have a lot of PGs and SGs
      8. so considering you are in a 9 cat league... you get to win automatically assists and steals. be very competitive in FG%, points, 3's, rebs... be semi competitive in blocks, and have a hard time winning FT% - unless you are up against Dwight or Blake...
      9. You have a really balance team... I also have a balance team and I am only scared with specialized teams - either really big team or really small team... because they aim to 5-4 every single time and they are good at it.

      *The above items are just my opinions and have no bearing whatsoever :D


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