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  • T-Mon3y T-Mon3y Feb 25, 2011 12:41 PM Flag

    Tyrus Thomas

    totally forgot about this guy. gerald wallace leaving means that thomas should see around 40 mins a game when healthy. he should be a fantasy stud with that kind of playing time right? should i drop dalembert for him?

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    • He's not gonna get 40 min a game. I personally don't think his stats will change much. He is a player that depends on hustle. He'll never score a ton cuz he can't shoot. He'll be good at blocks, boards and hustle type stuff. He still worth owning, but I think he is just a top 75 type player.

    • yeah i was thinking tyrus thomas had to be the reason the bobcats traded away g-wall

    • not 40... He should at least get +30 which is something he's never gotten.

    • If it's H2H and you're a lock for the playoffs I would do it. I picked him up in my league (dropped Mayo) and figured it was worth the gamble. Westphal doesn't ever stick with a lineup for more than a week it seems like, so Dalembert is always pretty risky to play if your league doesn't allow daily lineup changes.

    • He's still at least 2 weeks away from coming back I thought. Dalembert is going to be fine now with Landry being traded out and I'd probably trust him to put up more consistent numbers than TT since even a healthy TT was a roller coaster before going down. He's put up a huge line 1 night then the next 2 be practically invisible. I think Dalembert gives you a better chance of about a double-double most nights plus a block or 2.

    • I'd wait till he was healthy.

      Henderson is also going to see a large boost in minutes.

    • If Thomas was healthy I would def say yes, but he's not...

      Mon, Feb 21
      "Thomas did some running Monday as he continues to rehab from knee surgery, the Associated Press reports.

      Thomas tore the lateral meniscus in his left knee in January and was expected to miss up to eight weeks. That was less than five weeks ago, so he still has a ways to go, but coach Paul Silas is hoping Thomas can return in about two weeks."

      Stick with Sam he's been playing better lately, good source for rebounds and blocks. Thomas is better offensively but he's no good to you with a bad knee.


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