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  • Cory Cory Feb 14, 2011 3:15 AM Flag

    Help with my team

    Right now i'm projected to take 1st place in my league when averaging my per game value and multiplying it across the 656 games that will be played this season. Theres 2 problems with that though. 1, Its based on the fact that I can hold my FG and FT% (which I lead in). 2, My star players will produce at the same level for the rest of the season.

    My question is if you like this trade. I offer my Pau and Manu for his Kevin Martin and D. Wade. My team is weak in scoring and I fear that Manu is on a big slide for production and minutes. Heres what my team looks like. Most everyone willing to trade right now is looking for a top center. If you give me some advice for the rest of the season I will do my best to answer your questions. Thanks!

    Deron Williams
    Manu Ginobli
    Andre Miller
    Mo Williams
    Rodney Stuckey (BN)
    Jamal Crawford (BN)
    Landry Fields
    Carlos Delfino (BN)
    Omri Casspi (BN)
    Thadeous Young (BN)
    Pau Gasol
    Tim Duncan
    Nene Hilario
    Greg Monroe (BN)

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    • I'd stand pat with your core ... I dislike you trading big for small here and picking up two known injury risks. Don't forget ... the guys behind you have to have their stars produce at the same or better level to catch you. Don't panic.

      Look through FAs and smaller trades to pick up undervalued guys (Brooks, Roy, etc.) who will put you over the top if they start performing well but cost very little to get.

      Help w/Anderson Marion post?

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      • Problem is that i'm about 15 games behind in this league so its me doing the catching up for the moment. I replaced a manager who was 20 games behind in center :p I will search around for a cheap SG for the time being as almost everyone agrees that keeping Pau is a good idea. I wish I would have sold high on Monroe :\ Thanks for the help man and I will try to dig your post up.

    • I wouldn't do it, your center core is very strong right now. See if you can package Timmy and Manu for a star + decent center if you think the Spurs might clinch early

    • afternoon shift have any input?

    • I figured you guys would say you don't like seeing Pau go. I was thinking of working out a deal to get Javale McGee for his blocks that I would lose in Pau.

    • I have Martin on a team and he gets to the line so often and has a great % plus he scores and hits a ton of 3's. Moving Manu is smart but the clock is ticking. Him not starting the last game made headlines although it was apparently a "one time thing" but his minutes will definately go down. I can see Dwade's minutes going down too towards the end of the regular season. Miami is a lock to make the playoffs. I would look at moving Manu by himself. I traded him for D. Wright a few days ago and I'm glad I did it. We'll see if that works it out in the long run. Maybe offer him Manu for Kmart . Depends on who else he's got too.

    • I don't like you giving up Pau much at all. Pops is going to rest all of his big 3-duncan included, so if you trade Pau, you will only have duncan, nene, and Monroe left-and I think you lose a lot of strength at your center position. I think you need to shop Mo williams around while he is hot. Maybe if you packaged him with Ginobili and asked for less- it would be sick if you could somehow translate those two guys into a dwayne wade (assuming wade is healthy. He was limping at a few points in todays game against boston).


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