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    My team is currently in 6th place and i'm playing last place this week only beating him 6-3 when I should be destroying him. Richardson is killing my team's FG% and FT%. The only category he helps me in is in 3PTs. I'm wondering if you guys think Dunleavy for Richardson is a fair deal?

    The rest of my team is as follows:
    PG - Rajon Rondo
    PG/SG - Jason Terry (also looking to get rid of him)
    PG - D.J. Augustin
    SG/SF - Stephen Jackson
    SG/SF - Jason Richardson
    SG/SF - Paul George
    SG - Eric Gordon
    SF/PF - Jeff Green
    SF/PF - Michael Beasley
    SF/PF - Ryan Gomes
    PF/C - Al Jefferson
    C - Dwight Howard
    PF/C JaVale McGee


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    • After saying that, I canceled the deal to avoid embarrassing myself. Is Chandler for Richardson 1-for-1 a fair deal?

    • Thanks for the advice! I just proposed the following deal, let me know what you think.

      I get: Wilson Chandler and Tyreke Evans
      I give up: Jason Richardson and Jason Terry.

      I'm trying to get rid of both Richardson and Terry for the same reason. They're killing my FG% and FT% and getting me a lot of turnovers. I think that this trade is pretty fair.

    • You can get more than just dunleavy.If you're trying to get someone who gives 3s with good %,go for w.chandler(a buy low).It's up to you,but sell j-rich high.

    • I'd call it fair based on my opinion of these two players. I love jrich's talent-but his situation is horrible for his fantasy value (you could say the same thing about gilbert arenas). Orlando has a ton of options offensively-which means his production is going to be hugely inconsistent. Howard, Jameer, Turkglu, Ryan Anderson, and Arenas are all factors on that team. Dunleavy is definitely far less talented than JRich, but in all probability, they will most likely end up having very similar fantasy numbers. Because of this, I think the trade is fair-but I don't see either side of that trade seeing much improvement.

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      • I've been trying to get rid of JRICH, Jason Terry and Charlie V for a little over a week now and i proposed a shit load of trades, all of which were either rejected or counter-offered with very unfair trades and now my entire league hates me for proposing all those trades. This trade would be with my friend that's also in the league. I ended up dropping Charlie V though.

        I see what you're saying with regards to JRICH. I got him in a deal where I got rid of Lamar Odom seeing how is minutes were starting to fall because of the return of Bynum. For some reason though, my team looks really good on paper yet they're stinking it up so far. Who would you say I could potentially get in return for Richardson where I would be getting FG% and better FT%?I thought I would be able to get Iggy or Granger or Gerald Wallace but all those trades were rejected as well.


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