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  • Ricky_T Ricky_T Jan 22, 2011 8:41 AM Flag

    Any feedback on this trade please....

    Ian u must be joling idiot.Team A wins this trade in a canter.
    Amare and Green are worth more than Horford+Hickson+Calderon....Easily...Calderon....hmmmm great game. 0pts again....
    Curry is better than JJ, when in form Curry can be amazing, hasnt shown his full potential this year but i wouldnt be getting rid of him

    And then theres Afflalo, decent player but even with him out of the trade Team A is still better.

    We're talkin bout Amare here ppl, may be in a bit of a rough patch atm but u think this trade would be even considered a month ago,........?

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    • Ricky T I completely disagree with your assessment. While I would agree that Team A comes out on top, based soley on the fact you're getting two 1st rounders, but it's in no way a sla dunk.

      Amare + Green is WAY better than Horford/Hickson/Calderon??

      Horford is AMAZING. He's a top 15 MAYBE top 10 value in Roto leagues. Hickson is gonna put up monster #'s now with Varaejo out...look at his past 5.

      And Calderon? He is playing at anohter level since Jack was traded. Ranked I think 26th the past month average stats. AVERAGING a double/double with a trey/steal and great ratios, not to mention top ten a/t in the league.

      I would take Calderon after the top tier PGs were off the board.

      I think Afflalo puts Team A over the top, but if Hickson keeps putting up those #'s, B could come out on top.

      Don't listen to Ricky T, he doesn't have clue what he's talking about. His arguement was, "AMARE, its AMARE, seriously..."

      We all know Amare is sick, no one is arguing that, but back it up with stats and know your #'s.


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