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    12 team h2h league and im currently in 11th. I havent won ONE damn week yet. i just wanna sneak into playoffs but its not looking good. I am winning 7-2 this week and thats only bc this kid hasnt done his lineup all year. But w/e...these are my records in each category so see if you can help me make some moves. I will also list my team (obv) i appreciate it.

    fg% 6-4
    ft% 9-1
    3pt 0-10
    pts 1-9
    reb 2-8
    ast 1-8-1
    st 0-9-1
    blk 7-3
    to 9-1

    pretty horrific

    heres my team

    Brandon Jennings
    JJ Redick
    Jamal Crawford
    Carmelo Anthony
    Josh Smith
    Serge Ibaka
    Andrew Bynum
    Tim Duncan
    Ray Allen
    Glen Davis
    Darren Collison
    DeMarcus Cousins
    Wesley Matthews

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    • Well you havent listed the FA available but you still can make the playoffs.

      I would be punting 3pt, Ast and steals and trying to win the other 6 categories.

      Your team:
      PG D.Collison
      SG R.Allen
      G W.Matthews
      SF C.Anthony
      PF J.Smith
      F S.Ibaka
      C A.Bynum
      C T.Duncan
      Bench J.Crawford

      Trade: B.Jennings, JJ Redick, G.Davis, D.Cousins

      You have a average FT shooters in Smith, Duncan and Bynum so stay away from bad FT shooters like Howard, Bogut, Griffin and Okafor.

      I wouldnt be shy of trading Josh Smith, Carmelo Anthony or Ray Allen either as long as you can upgrade in categories you need help in. (e.g. Al Horford for Josh Smith is a great trade for you)

      Trade / FA targets:
      PG: Beno Udrih
      PG/SG: George Hill, Rodney Stuckey
      SG/SF: Grant Hill, Arron Afflalo, Landry Fields, Mike Dunleavy, Nick Young, Francisco Garcia, Nick Batum
      SF/PF: Wilson Chandler, Lamar Odom, Michael Bealsey
      PF/C: D.Nowitzki, A.Horford, T.Chandler, N.Hilaro, A.Jefferson

      Good luck.

    • josh smith was hes first pick

    • Who the hell did you draft in the first round? I don't see anyone there that should be in the top 12. Well I guess Josh Smith could potentially go at 11 or 12, but thats a little early IMO.

      Who do you got in your FA pool? You have some potentially droppable players.

      Right now you're doing fairly well in blks and the rebs should pickup with Bynum and Cousins playing better/more consistent. So you are probably ok in big man stats and TOs. You need to pick 2 categories and make up big in those while punting the other 2 (of the 4 you are so far behind in).

      Basically, you have pts, 3pt, ast, stl that you're getting killed in. Of those 4, look at the overall stats and find out which of them you are furthest behind in. It is likely the PG categories (STL, AST) since you're so weak at point. If thats the case, punt those 2 and try to get a legit 3pt shooter/scorer.

      On the other hand, if you're more screwed at 3pt/scoring, then look for a legit point guard that can grab asts/stls and try to give up some scoring/3pt shooting (maybe in the form of ray allen?) to get that PG.

      The way I see it though, you basically have no choice but to punt 2 of 3pt, pts, stl and asts. Then hope to grab 4-5 points every week and sneak into the playoffs.

    • try to pick up a good pg on fa market for davis. see if u can swap out ibaka, for davis.

    • Who was your #1 pick????...u need help at PG

    • Try and get Rondo maybe for Smith, he'll basically give you assists every week, and try and get Gay or Westbrook. They give you a lot in every category.

    • Find another point guard until Jennings is better.

    • anybody?


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