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    Will answer all your questions everytime I go online. Just post.

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    • Am I offering too much as the other guy said he wants 2 of my good guys for monta. I offered J.Kidd and Joe Johnson. Is that too much for monta or just right?

    • I am in second place and just made a trade that went through and just got today. i lose in Blks, Asts, Stls, and sometimes Rebs. 12 team H2H 8 cats. will the trade benefit me??? wat else do i need.
      I gave Deng, Bosh, and Rose
      I got CP3, Horford, and Jrich
      my team now
      PG: Dwill and CP3
      SG: Nate R. and B. Gordon
      SF: Jrich, S-Jax, Diaw, and Landry
      PF: Dirk, Zbo, and Millsap
      C: Brook L. and Horford

      i know i need a SG so who should i go after??

      Help appreciated

    • Any more? =)

    • okafor and kenyon martin for oj mayo and favors. who wins?

      drop josh howard for epke udoh?


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      • Okafor and K-Mart win. Both are starters and should play more minutes. More minutes = more production. Mayo is still coming off the bench and Hollins has no idea what to do with him. Favors had tremendous upside, but Avery seems to not want to give him any playing any time anytime soon.

        And no don;t drop Josh for Ekpe. It is very likely he won't see as much playing time once Biedrins gets back from injury.

    • I just got offered Monta Ellis for my russel westbrook, what do you think?

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      • Either way, that trade seems fair. I'd take either side. But if it's strictly points, Ellis wins for sure because he's the #1 option in GS (Curry's #2). Westbrook is #2, and Durant #1. Both have roughly around the same stats, so it's all about personal preference. But if you held a gun to my head now, I'd say take the trade.

    • Taj Gibson vs Kenyon Martin vs Carl Landry vs Rashard Lewis

      Who you got?

      • 1 Reply to Payum
      • Well, this right here is a dilemma. I wouldn't add any of these until I see all their team's next games. Taj I gotta see on Xmas to see if he can play the center spot with Booze at PF efficiently. K-Mart, I gott asee if he still has the flashes of brilliance last season (double double + occassional stl+blk), Landry, same thing gotta see the next game since he has had consistency issues in the past, and Lewis, well, I haven't seen enough to see if he'll flourish in the Wizards system.

        But, if you held a gun to my head now, I'd pick K-Mart long-term. Lewis short-term (possibly long-term if he grabs the starting spot ahead of Thornton and Howard)

    • I'm in a 10 team, 13 player, 9 category standard league.

      PG: Rose, Kidd
      SG: Wesley Matthews, Thabo Sefolosha
      SF: Gallinari, Jared Dudley
      PF: Dirk, Taj Gibson, Milicic
      C: Gortat, Al Jefferson, Bogut, Kaman

      I know the points aren't stellar in this team, so I'm trying to focus on all the other categories. I've got Thabo for steals, and hoping Dudley, Gibson, and Gortat will produce big. Are any of these guys worth holding on to for production, or should I go for others like Kenyon Martin or J.R. Smith or even pick up Salmons who happens to be on waivers right now. Or, if there is any trade value to a center or two for another good point guard?

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      • Hmm, after Gortat's showing a while ago, it seems like he'll take a bit of time to get used to the Suns system, but yeah has tremendous upside. If you're really down on rebs, I definitely would suggest going for K-Mart. Now, this just boils down to personal preference, but I believe in the long-run, K-Mart will produce and be more consistent than Taj. I don;t think Taj has enough to hold the center spot. Kurt Thomas might outshine him every time. I say, watch the Bulls X-mas game, and if Taj doesn;t produce, drop him for K-Mart. J.R. Smith and Salmons I'll definitely pick up if I need points. Seems like you don't have any problem in that area though. But if you do, go add Salmons. He's on course to have an awesome 2011 especially since basically everyone on Bucks not named Bogut sucks. Also, I wouldn't trade your centers just yet since Gortat hasn't done anything yet (low value) and Kaman hasn't come back. Wait for their values to rise before going for trades, so you can land big time players.

    • Is elton brand worth my number 1 waiver pick?
      my pf/c's are Dwight Howard, Joakim Noah, Luis Scola, Andray Blatche, and Darko Milicic.

    • who should i pick from his team?

      horford and kidd? or
      horford and butler?

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      • I don't know your team and what you might need, but I'd say Horford + Kidd would have more value than Horford + Butler. Btw, Rudy Gay is an awesome fantasy play, so unless you really want to get rid of him, or need the other guy's players, I wouldn't get rid of him. But that's just me.

    • this guy offer

      josh howard
      daren collison
      caron butler

      for my

      tyreke evans and gay

      this is his team

      gary neal
      josh howard
      tyrus thomas
      al harrington
      al horford
      dwight howard
      eric gordon
      caron butler

      what should i do? make a counter offer? who should i pick from his team?

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