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  • Nick Nick Dec 23, 2010 3:10 PM Flag

    WOW! He accepted!!! i won big time!

    I will give you the fact the drose is the top player in this trade so congrats on getting him in place of evans... other than that you lost out for sure. Galinari will most likely get traded IF new york makes any trades this year and in that case you may see his numbers drop, either way I think i would rather have j rich + butler. Ben gordon is pretty much garbage but will have a few great games every now and again. If the pistons move Rip then I am all about ben gordon, but if u saw their last game you will understand. Rip scored 30+ pts off the bench while gordon had 5 starting...

    But either way I dont see this really making or breaking your season, I would however look for another FA besides Lowry... He was great while Brooks was out but I think you missed the boat on him. Depending on your needs I would look at guys like Nick Young


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