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  • hunter hunter Dec 13, 2010 7:31 PM Flag

    Im sitting at ,500 and need to make something happen...HELP

    Here's my team...Im in a 12 person league.

    PG Steph Curry
    PG/SG Jamal Crawford
    SG/SF C.J. Miles
    SG/SF Reggie Williams
    SG/SF Shannon Brown*
    SF/PF Gerald Wallace
    SF/PF Micheal Beasley
    PF/C Andray Blatch
    PF/C Serge Ibaka
    PF/C Demarcus Cousins
    PF/C Blake Griffin
    PF/C NeNe
    C Deandre Jordan*
    PF Amir Johnson

    * marks a player who is alwaying being rotated with weekly needs.
    I've punted assists and FT% for the most part.

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    • You've got yourself in a deep hole. No offense, but how is your team that bad in a 12 team league? Miles, R. Williams, Jordan, Brown, and Amir Johnson (maybe even Cousins) are all possible FAs. You should really have only 1-2 (3 at most) players who you would consider dropping for another FA. You've got to shake that team up with some trades. That's what I did with my team after a bad draft. I traded Lewis for Stuckey at the beginning of the season, then Hickson (while he was hot), ben gordon and lou williams for mo williams and jamison, then S-Jax, McGee and Joe Johnson for CP3 and wilson chandler and i've happily catapulted myself into second place. good luck

    • you need to start making some package deals (2 for 1) to upgrade your GUARDS! ouch. who is available on the wire?


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