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  • lakers lakers Dec 5, 2010 9:45 PM Flag

    huge keeper trade - experts needed

    another potential deal:
    i give: cp3, dirk, joe johnson
    i get: amare, durant, millsap

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    • That one might be worth doing. Again, Durant and Paul are about even. But because it's keeper: slight advantage to Durant. Dirk is better than Amare but not by all that much. He is older but he also doesn't have the injury history of Amare. Advantage: Dirk. Johnson really should be outproducing Millsap. But he isn't, he's injured, and I'm not convinced he is going to get his FG% back up to his historic levels. Also, with it being a keeper league, he's gonna get worse in following years as Millsap improves.
      I would probably take this but it's a close call. If you're not in a great position to win this season, accept. If you are in the running to win now, it depends on how much you think Johnson will pick up his play.


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