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  • Slim Slim Nov 19, 2010 5:07 PM Flag

    What to do with JJ Hickson?

    12 team H2H.

    Kidd, Wall, J.Nelson, Tyreke Evans
    LeBron, Gay, Ariza, Dorell Wright
    Hibbert, Ibaka, McGee, Frye
    and Hickson...

    My team is playing well but there are guys on the FA list I really like. Aminu, Humphries, Bledsoe on waivers. I need %s, Pts, and Reb the most. 3's are nice too. I'm pretty much punting TO.

    Is it too early to drop Hickson? Hickson getting 30 minutes is exactly what my team needs unfortunately.

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    • I think that you should keep Hickson for a tad longer. He gives most of what you want - decent pts, decent rebs, and sans the last few games, good FG%

    • I'd hang on to Hickson, but you may want to gamble with Humphries. It isn't clear if Troy Murphy is injured, out of shape, or simply not favored by Coach Johnson (could be a combination of these), but in any case, Humphries may have the starting job all season, which means double-digit rebounds and around 2 blocks a game, along with a solid FG%. He is like Ben Wallace of 5-6 years ago. Hickson can only help you with scoring, as he doesn't really get STL/BLK, and most pathetic of all, he doesn't really get you rebounds. Still, his FG% is good and his FT% is impressive for a PF. If you don't want to gamble on Humphries or Bledsoe, you may want to attempt a "sell high" with Hickson. Still, with guys like Kidd, Ariza, and McGee on your roster, scoring (via Hickson) may be a nice insurance policy for a well-rounded stat-line.

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      • Yeah. If I believed Hump was gonna get 25-30 minutes for the year I'd probably want him over McGee. I'm really a fan of Aminu though and I don't wanna miss out. If he gets 30-35 minutes I think the potential for a complete stat line exists. I don't know. I guess betting on Hickson getting 30 minutes should win out. It's all a gamble. But I don't have much invested in JJ.

    • Any Hickson owners out there questioning their loyalty?

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      • im thinkin of droppin him too...
        should i drop hickson from my team... just added landry fields for derozan, got a few decent FA's W Matthews, Bibby, Afflalo, Belinneli, Humphries, Hinrich and E Turner
        Deron Williams
        (Uta - PG)
        Ray Allen
        (Bos - SG)
        Russell Westbrook
        (OKC - PG)
        Andrei Kirilenko
        (Uta - SF,PF)
        Joakim Noah
        (Chi - PF,C)
        Al Harrington
        (Den - PF,C)
        Roy Hibbert
        (Ind - C)
        J.J. Hickson
        (Cle - PF,C)
        Eric Bledsoe
        (LAC - PG,SG)
        Andre Miller
        (Por - PG)
        DeMar DeRozan--dropped for Landry Fields
        (Tor - SG,SF)
        Monta Ellis
        (GS - PG,SG)
        Dorell Wright
        (GS - SG,SF)

    • i'd keep jj but if you really wanted to get bledsoe than that would be good as well. can you reply to mine again?


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