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  • Frank A Frank A Nov 10, 2010 3:05 PM Flag

    Would you Trade....

    Dwight Howard and Andre Igodala


    Chris Paul and Paul Milsap

    Important note is that my league does not use FT% but rather uses FTA and FTM as categories.

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    • Is FTA a negative category? Or is simply attempting the most FTs a good thing... and making the most another good thing?

      Howard attempts the most FT by far... meaning he's the lead in FTA... he's also top 10 in FTM (because he attempts so many)

      If your league counts FGA + FTA as positives. I say you have to keep Howard.

      Howard will bring home FTM, FTA, REB, BLK by himself, and help win FGA, FGM

      Now a lot also depends on what your statistical strengths are. Right now Paul and Millsap looks like a steal. (Milsap is playing a beast)

      Your securing 3s, Stls, Ast, Pts, Reb, FGM,
      Milsap doesn't block shots, though he does get steals. (Don't count on the 3s to continue, fluke)

      (I Vote keeping Howard if FTA is a positive category (not negative like TO)

      B/c Howard becomes a 6-8 Category Monster in that format.

    • I would say no in that format...

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      • you would say no in that format?
        do you understand the format

        the format favors D12 extremely
        its an unheard-of format that basically means, howard should be top 3 pick in your draft. or top 5 as wade and dirk shoots a ton. basically howard is legit top 5 pick in your draft because he now has no weakness, he actually wins FTA for you instead of forcing you to punt FT%

        regardless, iggy is not gonna have a great year and on the trade overall i lean a little towards B side, but A would be pretty sweet to have superman and no kryptonite

        my 2 cents


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