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  • lakers lakers Nov 10, 2010 3:02 PM Flag

    huge keeper trade - experts needed

    I give: CP3, Boozer, ray allen
    I get: granger, westbrook, noah

    12 team keeper league, 5 keepers + 1 of 3 years experience or less

    dirk nowitzki
    joe johnson
    darren collison

    I want to get younger but i have pause because cp3 is best player in the deal

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    • Your giving up the best player in the deal....

      BUT your getting rid of old man ray and semi-old man boozer and getting back two beast young players who will sure to be stars with westbrook and noah.

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      • Ever see those trades at the deadlines where you think.. Man what where they thinking...

        Well one team is taking on valuable 1 n done veterins to make a push for that season trophy, while the other is getting young players who will be starters on their team for years to come...

        That's this trade...

        think Josh Beckett and David Lowe for Hanley Ramirez... Sure Hanley was a talent then, but the Sox needed help now... who knew how good Hanley was going to be...

        Thats what Westbrook, Noah, and Granger are... young talented guns... Boozer + Ray are Past Prime... CP3 is the deal mover.

    • i dont like the trade 1 bit,
      look for other options
      and keep cp3 omg why would you ever release him in a keeper you'll never get to draft him back. unless its durant don't give up cp3 your sitting on gold.

      under no condition make granger your top talent, injure prone is an understatement. boozer is injury prone but he's not a 1st rounder, so it a big diff.

      its a bad trade over all, in a regular league or keepers league, imo

    • I would do it. Please help me

    • Not sure your overall rules on keepers. Will you be able to select 5 new keepers at the end of the season?

      Westbrook, Granger, and Noah all project as excellent keeper players while not killing you this year.

    • You have stuck with Boozer...stick with him. The thing is, Boozer projects so phenominally long term. You have a great team. Don't maek any major changes....

      Oh yeah...how will you feel when Booxer comes back, and Noah's boards come down to earth?\

      At all costs, stary with your keepers


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