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    Trade Questions? Ask away.

    Free advice, for what it's worth...

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    • danilo gallinari and jj hickson for joakim noah and rashard lewis? who wins?

    • hi

      which side is better, Blatche + cousins or Mayo + ibaka ?

    • Can you give me some much needed advice. When I look at my team, I can see that I have a kit if trade bait. I baffled that I'm not winning. Any advice will help. I am giving ellis and frye for terry and deng. 12 team roto league. If this is not good, feel free to give me your advice.
      Strength-pts, reb, ass, stls
      Average-3's, ft%, blk
      Below Average-fg%, to

      Here is my team. Please advise...
      util- (idk who to play because my bench isn't stepping it up)

      ps-i barely missed delfino on the waiver which really would have helped me.

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      • Unless it's too late, don't go through with that trade. Terry and Deng will no doubt help your roster, but Ellis can score in bunches, and helps you in all kinds of categories, while only taking up ONE spot on your roster! If anything, drop Frye (and Daye, for that matter) for a viable free agent who's available. Hang on to DeAndre Jordan for now while Kaman is injured. Between Conley, Roy, Ellis, and Wall, you could do well in AST. Still, you can't expect to do well in AST and TO at the same time, as point guards and distributors handle the ball often. Punt TO and try and work on FT% and 3's.

    • Last week, this guy in my league wanted to trade me Udrih/T. Chandler for Monta/ Favors. I shot it down quick and told him that Monta is not trade-able to me. I countered with Monta/Favors for J-rich, M. Gasol, & Milsap in which he shot down. He told me that he only wants Monta and Favors, and called me an idiot because I shot down that foolish trade.

      Was I right for keeping Monta?

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      • Monta/Favors for Udrih/Chandler is an unfair trade for whoever's giving up Monta. In fact, Monta for Favors/Udrih/Chandler might be unfair for whoever's giving up Monta. You were right not to give him up that easily, but at the same time, Monta/Favors is not enough to get J-Rich/M. Gasol/Millsap. If you replaced Favors with a higher-tier player, that deal might happen.

    • 12 Team Dynasty League.. H2H Standard CAT's
      I give- Kevin Love, Jeff Green
      Rudy Gay and Andray Blatche
      Should I make this deal?

      Here's My Team
      PG Deron Williams (Uta - PG)
      SG Monta Ellis (GS - PG,SG)
      G Evan Turner (Phi - SG,SF)
      SF Linas Kleiza (Tor - SG,SF)
      PF Paul Millsap (Uta - PF)
      F Reggie Evans (Tor - PF)
      C Amar'e Stoudemire (NY - PF,C)
      C Kevin Love (Min - PF,C)
      Util Brook Lopez (NJ - C)
      Util Al Thornton (Was - SF,PF)
      BN George Hill (SA - PG,SG)
      BN Pau Gasol (LAL - PF,C)
      BN Channing Frye (Pho - PF,C)
      BN Glen Davis (Bos - PF,C)
      BN DeJuan Blair (SA - PF,C)
      BN Jeff Green (OKC - SF,PF) INJ
      BN Kirk Hinrich (Was - PG,SG)


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      • I'm leaning towards Blatche/Gay. Blatche may not average as many rebounds as Love, but gets you as much scoring and more STL's. Gay is also an upgrade from Green, who only gets you scoring/REB. Overall, I think your scoring, STL, AST, and even BLK go up with Blatche/Gay. 3's may go down, but Green doesn't shoot a good % from deep, whereas Love does. Blatche doesn't really take 3's.

      • Here's my squad.

        First two weeks, lost pretty heavily. I'm 3-15 so far after two weeks.

        PG: Deron Williams, Baron Davis (INJ), Mo Williams (INJ), Andre Miller
        SG: Joe Johnson, Arron Afflalo
        SF: Andrei Kirilenko, Shawn Marion
        PF: Amare Stoudemire, Troy Murphy (INJ), David West
        C: Andrew Bogut, Serge Ibaka, Greg Oden (INJ)

        I know I've got a good enough squad when healthy, but does anyone see otherwise?

        H2H 10 team keeper league (only allowed to keep three players for next season)

    • is this a good trade for me??

      my love and maggete


      elton brand and paul pierce

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      • This one's tough. There's no question that Love and Pierce are of a certain fantasy value, but Maggette and Brand are kind of wild cards. Maggette, when given the minutes, gives you a little of everything, but above all, FT% and scoring. However, he's coming off the bench, and Delfino's out, so I'm not sure he'll always get the minutes. Brand, on the other hand, is a starter, but has had health issues in the past. Even when he IS healthy, Brand has not always been able to perform. In terms of the #'s, this trade is about even, but my gut is leaning towards Brand/Pierce.

    • I am in desperate need of centers right now because I dropped Chris Kaman. My roster:
      Russell Westbrook
      Kobe Bryant
      Vince Carter
      Rashard Lewis
      Josh Smith
      Beno Udrih
      Baron Davis
      Hedo Turkoglu
      Nicolas Batum
      Ron Artest

      What kind of trade offers should I make to improve my team?

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      • I think dropping Kaman may have been a bit hasty on your part, as he's only going to be out for 2-3 weeks. Granted, he was under-performing, but his career averages suggest he'll get it together when healthy. See if you can grab him before someone else does as he gets closer to a return date. Looking at your roster, I think I'd try and trade Rashard and/or Turkoglu for a higher tier player. Neither of them is performing at a level expected of them, so perhaps you could trade them for someone like Camby or even Bogut. Baron Davis is also struggling, so make a few offers and see what you might be able to get for him.

        Also, there's no pressing need for you to get centers. You could always shift the strategy/focus of your roster to dominate in other "small position" categories (3's, assists, FT%).

        And no matter what, hang on to Westbrook, Bryant, and Josh Smith.

    • who wins?

      Millsap and Rudy Gay


      Iguodala, Boozer, Mayo

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      • Not an unfair trade, but there are no guarantees with Boozer, and Iggy is currently injured. The 76ers also have a lot of scoring options, which might mean more assists for Iggy, but certainly fewer points (L. Williams, Holiday, Brand). Mayo's definitely a solid fantasy SG, but Gay's off to a very strong start (which may or may not last with the return of Z-Bo), and Millsap's performances thus far should speak for themselves. Personally, I'd go with Gay/Millsap, unless you can replace Boozer with someone with less of an injury-history.

    • drop landry for diaw

    • Dwight and Dunleavy for B roy and KG
      i get Dwight and Dunleavy
      12 team H2H
      my team

      G: D will, Bibby, B. and E. Gordon, and B roy

      F: Dirk, KG, Z. Randolph, C. Villaneuva

      C: Samuel Dalembert and Drew Gooden

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      • No way! Dunleavy is a streaky shooter, and even on a good day, he doesn't always contribute across the board. With Randolph and Dirk, Howard will kill your FT%, and many of your bigs don't really get blocks anyway. Howard by himself (maybe with Dalembert and Villanueva) would not be able to win you blocks week after week. Plus, your REB cat is strong as it is. No way is Howard/Dunleavy equal to Roy/KG. Keep what you've got, or make a more even counter-offer.

        lol @ B. and E. Gordon.

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