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  • Ron Ron Oct 29, 2010 4:13 AM Flag

    How is this team?

    I do have Griffin and Aldridge as back ups for Duncan and Yao. I also have Okafor as well. Do you think those guys will hold it down if/when Yao and Duncan are sitting on the bench? It's bad enough Yao is limited with minutes and he's not playing back-to-back games. What you think man?

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    • If I were you I would sell high on both and get a guy who is healthy enough to play games and get you almost the same number of rebounds.
      Coz if Yao keeps sitting back to backs, in a 4 game week he will only play two. That sucks.

    • I think your in a 10 team league the way I look at your team.

      Having Blake and LA wont give you much edge if you run over with teams that have elite bigmen.

      Say a combination of D12 and Zach(when healthy) or say Pau Gasol and Boozer(when healthy).
      For sure they will also have other bigmen who can cancel out the production of your Blake and LA.

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      • Im actually in an 8-team, H2H, 9 cats league. Most of the big guys were taken early in the draft so I had to go with Yao and Duncan. I'm somewhat satisfied with Duncan, but not really with Yao. But like I said, most of the big men were picked up early in the draft. I honestly think I am kind of weak on my blocks and I think my 3's can use a little work (Jones and Delfino are in my watchlist for 3's). What do you think?


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