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  • Bob Bob Oct 26, 2010 2:50 AM Flag

    Rate My Team

    Depends, what kind of league, how big is it? You have a lot of risky players with crawford potentially holding out, Augustin who the Bobcats have tried to trade for a PG twice this off season, so they'll probably get one at some point making him useless, Martin will no longer be The Man like he was in Sac, so his numbers will be more ray allen like, Blake Griffin will miss a ton of FT's, Carmelo will probably be dealt this year, so who knows what that means to his stats, Noah will lose stats to Boozer, so won't be a top 100 guy this year, Bogut is hurt and will probably see a lot less action, Biedrins will lose his job in Dec when Udoh gets healthy, and Dalembert is hurt and probably won't play. So if this is a 10 team league, your team is too risky, if it's 14 or more it's a great roster.


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