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  • Larry Larry Oct 25, 2010 9:36 PM Flag

    Nene/Bargnani for Noah/Brand?

    I have the Noah/Brand side right now.

    I think Noah is the most valuable player in the deal. He has a good chance of putting up 13-15 points and 11-12 rebounds with 1.8 blocks, high FG, low TO, acceptable FT. That's pretty much a top 20 player. Nene's not far behind since he ended up as a top 30 player last season.

    Bargnani and Brand aren't as far apart as you might think. Most people assume Bargnani is going to take the step up and become a 20-8 guy with Bosh gone, but I'm expecting his FG to take a huge dive into the low-to-mid 40s range.

    Brand has been forgotten and generally overlooked because of 3 really bad seasons -- two of which he was injured. The remaining season (last year) was spent without a clear role for a team/offense that ignored his strengths. Eddie Jordan is a 1 trick pony and wasn't able to adapt, but Doug Collins is a much better coach who will actually structure his offense to highlight his players' strengths. (This is why college coaches never have success in the NBA... they are used to a system in which they can pick who will fit the system whereas in the NBA, they are given players and have to maximize their performance.)

    Anyway, I'm expecting Brand to have a bounce-back season to the tune of 18 points, 9 rebounds, 2 blocks, 50% FG.

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    • Noah pts actually will DIP with the new offensive additions of Boozer. and not only that it seems like Rose and Deng will be doing a lot more scoring this year since they no longer have a leash on them with Negro.

      Nene will be doing a lot more rebounding this year with only Shelden Williams as the other front court man..and may even do more scoring with so much drama going around.

      Brand is washed up, lmao at him getting 18 pts and 2 blks with 50% fg you wish. You are over hyping your players too much in this deal.
      Whether Barg steps up or not his value should still remain around 4th round..He's a center that can score, hit treys, rebound, get a stl , a blk. Very versatile.

      If anything Nene = Noah
      Barg >>>>> Brand

      Theres a good reason why Brand is just a late round flier in standard leagues.


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