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  • Michael L Michael L Oct 25, 2010 12:23 AM Flag

    Newly Drafted Team

    Hello all. I've just drafted and this is what i've got. I picked 12th. 20+ picks is so hard to wait through. Here it is.

    12. D. Williams
    13. D. Lee
    36. J. Kidd
    37. D. West
    60. R. Allen
    61. OJ Mayo
    84. A. Harrington
    85. C. Boozer
    108. E. Turner
    109. L. Kleiza
    132. W.Chandler
    133. A. Johnson
    156. R. Sessions

    All in all i'm happy, fantasy wise. I'm happy always for basketball, so that's good. My team's forecast calls for a bit of shakiness, with a slight chance of safetyness. I think I can:

    - Make trades
    - Forget about blocks lol
    - Or try to trade for blocks (see point 1)

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