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  • SG SG Oct 23, 2010 3:37 AM Flag

    Rondo Collison Trade

    Should I make this deal:

    Collison, Haywood, Thomas for Rondo, Ibaka, Wilson Chandler

    Its a 12 team H2H std 9 cat scoring, here is my current roster:

    PG-Jason Kidd
    SG-Andre Iguodala
    G-Darren Collison
    SF-Trevor Ariza
    F-Tyrus Thomas
    PF-Paul Millsap
    C-Dwight Howard, Marc Gasol
    Util-Linas Kleiza, Brendan Haywood
    BN-Amir Johnson, Jeff Teague, Belinelli

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    • yes take it, rondo is the perfect back up to kidd, and the best contrast for howard, doing this you should be weak in pts, ft%, and TO, but i honestly can't see you losing anything else

    • You should absolutely take it. Rondo is by far the best of the group (by far) W. chandler is one of the most underrated fantasy players every year. If Ibaka isnt your guy, it is early in the year, you could definately get a fa to make up reb and blks. The plan is to get rondo on your team. With this deal it is well worth it. Don't think twice. Collison could be a really nice player, but I'll take my chances with Rondo all day.

    • i say no. I love Rondo but it breaks down like this:

      Rondo > Collision
      Haywood > Ibaka
      Thomas > Chandler

      Collision may rival Rondos stats this year but because he is now in the new Pacers offense he may not get as many looks and has to adjust to the different style. Although Dallas does have a crowded front court Haywood will get his minutes with the veterans needing to rest and i cant say the same about Ibaka. Thomas should have a better year than last and Chandler is consistantly mediocre