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  • adiii adiii Dec 22, 2010 2:52 AM Flag

    I can help you....

    So my team needs bigs, so I dropped Daniel Gibson for Gortat, which I feel like is a mistake now. I am pretty sure Gibson will be picked off the waivers, but if he's not, should I add him back? But then what should I do to address my Center position?

    I have been trying to offer trades, but two managers don't check and their roster has a surplus of PF/C's, so it kind of sucks. Any PF/C trades or players I should go after?

    Here's my roster, what should I do? (16 Teams)

    PG Holiday
    SG Kevin Martin
    SF Grant Hill
    PF Josh Smith
    C Aldridge
    Util Afflalo
    Util C.Butler
    Bench Rondo
    Bench R.Lewis
    Bench Mayo
    Bench Gortat

    So right now I have 2 C's and 2 PF's, but yeah, I don't know about Gortat. Any advice on the team.

    Also should I have dropped Grant Hill or Mayo instead of Gibson? I like Hill's %s and I'm hoping Mayo will start.

    Chris Anderson is on the FA list too, who's better, him or Gortat?

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