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  • jammin400 jammin400 Oct 17, 2010 12:45 AM Flag

    Rate My Team

    PG - Tyreke Evans
    SG - Hedo Turkoglu
    G - Jrue Holiday
    SF - Kevin Durant
    PF - Andrea Bargnani
    F - Rudy Gay
    C - Brook Lopez
    C - Luis Scola
    Util - Luol Deng
    Util - Andrei Kirilenko
    BN - JJ Hickson
    BN - Rodney Stuckey
    BN - Beno Udrih

    I don't really "like" this team, but I don't "hate" it either. I had the number 1 pick, which I hate cuz it takes away balance from my team I think. I have some "high ceiling" players but I don't know how much time they are going to get or how they are going to develop. Let me know what you think and what I could do to improve. It's only a 10 team league so there are quite a few players available for upgrades.

    Extra Note: Some of these picks were scrambles since the player I wanted was taken the pick right before mine on at least 3 (only 13 picks, and I pick after myself on picks 3,5,7,11, and 13) occasions that I can remember.

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