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  • Pat Pat Pat Pat Oct 11, 2010 9:12 AM Flag

    Manu Ginobili vs Aaron Brookes, who wins?

    Team A gives Manu.
    Team B (aka my team) gives Aaron Brookes.

    My team has:
    PG: Chris Paul
    SG: Ben Gordon
    G: Aaron Brookes
    SF: Iggy
    PF: Al Jefferson
    F: Camby
    C: M.Gasol + Kaman
    Util: Calderon + W.Chandler
    Bench: Oden, T-Mac, Wesley Johnson

    My team needs 3PTM, but Manu is pretty good if he's not injury-proned.

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    • it seems like your teams needs brooks more than ginobili regardless of ginobili possibly being a bit better.

      please check my post. thanks.

    • Minus Kobe, Manu is the best SG in the league. Period. That being said, injuries are a definite concern. But the fact that he rested instead of playing for Argentina in the Worlds goes to show his commitment towards playing a full complement of games next season. Manu's a beast and his 2nd half stats last season prove that. He's getting up there in age but he still has explosiveness in those legs. The Spurs know that the window for winning another championship is closing. They will all be highly motivated.

      As for Brooks, he's still a solid 2nd PG. You need Brooks in your team. You'll be thin at PG if you trade him for Manu. As much as I like Manu, I would keep Brooks.

    • like you said, Manu is the man but too many injuries the past few years. If you want durability take but if I'm correct, didn't he have medical problems last year? It's a toughie but I think I would keep Manu with a good back-up plan. Can you answer my Maggette/Morrow post please? Thanks & Peace


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