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  • Dave Dave Sep 29, 2010 12:28 PM Flag

    Answer Mine I'll Answer Yours!

    h2h Keeper league. 16 teams. This is mine so far.

    Danny Granger----(Top 6 when healthy. Better with Collison at PG and Hibbert and Collison taking off some of the pressure.)

    Monta Ellis------(Young and dedicated to be a leader this year. At training camp early. On good terms with Curry and willing to be the 2 guard)

    John Wall----(Come on. Its a keeper. He will be good now and literally forever.)

    Andray Blatche-----(Averaged 22.1 points adn 8.3 reb. 1 blk over 1 stl after the allstar break. Young, and gets the stats when he get the PT)

    Nicolas Batum------(Great stl plus blk and low TO. Good at threes. Is a lock at SG with no legit backup. Very young. Constantly improving. His new news is that he has 40-50 upside. Go look for yourself.)

    I am trying to make my team good at 3's, stls, assists, points, and Ft. I do nee SOME big men though. Who should I take with my next pick?

    Evan Turner (Top Potential this year in the eyes of the experts. Supposed to have immediate impact with the 76's at the much needed SG)

    Demarcus Cousins (Should be a good center with immediate impact but the Kings are loaded on big men)

    J.R. Smith (fits my team's theme well. is still young)

    Carl Landry (Kings loaded on big men. Is young and consistent, but does not seem flashy. Does not seem to help my team alot though because he dosen't get me many of my teams best stats and he doesn't fit the category of a big man)

    Robin Lopez (Should be great starting at center and getting the ball from Nash. Was great last year per 36 min.)

    Javale Mcgee ( Good big man with lots of opportunity for playing time. )

    Who do you think is best for my team? Please rate them in order. Don't just list one! Keep in mind the categories I am shooting to win.

    Thanks so much. I will answer your post

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