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  • SG SG Sep 25, 2010 12:00 PM Flag

    Advice on new team

    Newly drafted team. Any advice on my strengths/weaknesses? People/positions to target in trades?

    It's 12 team h2h scoring standard 9 plus fgm, ftm, 3%.

    PG-Nash, Westbrook
    SG-Mayo, Harden
    SF-Deng, Kleiza
    C-Kaman, Hibbert
    Util-Brooks, Conley
    BN-Charlie Villanueva, Amir Johnson, Spencer Hawes, Sonny Weems

    I'm a raptors fan in case anyone is wondering why I have three of them

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    • I'm also a huge Raps fan.

      My advice: Don't take any Raptors for your team(s). Emotion will cloud reason. Play to win.


    • seems to me your rebounding and blks cats are going to be weak so id punt them entirely and trade horford/kaman/hibbert for big men that can hit the 3 like bargnani/murphy/frye.
      also your raptor homerdom is going to cost you games. amir and weems are worthless and so is hawes for that matter. stick with raptors that will actually help you win like calderon/jack could also fit into your team nicely.

    • I think you should try to trade into a higher ranked center in this year's rankings. I'm not huge on some of the rankings, but I think they affect owners' perceptions and so, therefore, affect how much owners are likely to expect to trade a player. Honestly, I would not trade out of Nash, Nowitzki if at all possible, but maybe Tim Duncan would be a good target for you. I would be thinking of moving Mayo, Harden, Horford, and Brooks. Don't think Brooks will back up his numbers from last year, anyhow. You could consider including Hawes or Hibbert, but I would definitely try to keep all your centers. As for SG, I wouldn't worry too much about it. This USC stuff with Mayo is really getting deep, and it will surely suck him down. USC has forfeited every game he played in if you can imagine it. I think R. Bush is finished in the NFL. It's not being explained what a huge mess this is to fans, but I don't think Mayo will survive it as a professional athlete, either. Anyway, that doesn't make it wrong to trade him in my mind. The biggest problem to me is that I think this mess could affect even his peers in the game like Westbrook and Harden, the guys who played against him in colege. I think you could also be considering trading Westbrook for SG if you get really strung for one. The wire might also have some surprises there this year...almost always has some...


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