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  • Should I pick up Jordan Farmar? 16 h2h league Im stacked in pgs but i wouldnt mind his treys

    My candidate would be (droppable)
    1 Darko Milichic (Starting C prob not all that great, mediocre to me)

    2 Ronny Turiaf (Starting C as well, but no potential just cheap blks boards and very injury prone)

    3 Tyler Hansbrough ( Starting, has potential and i see him having a great year now that he is healthy again)

    4 Thaddeus Young (call me crazy but I think hes not going to be all that great )

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    • I'd drop milicic or turiaf for him, moreso milicic, both of the frontcourts are crowded (Min-Love, beasley: NYK-amare, randolph) but turiaf will at least get u more blocks+boards than milicic especially b/c turiaf is in a system that hes comfortable playing in (moving from GS to NYK isnt a big play style change) so id say drop milicic for him and see how that pans out


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