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  • MR. X MR. X Sep 24, 2010 8:18 PM Flag

    anyone need help?

    post questions below, ill do my best to answer them. H2h preferably as i do not play roto at all but its all gravy.

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    • My favorites from those sf/sf's you told me are Williams and Morrow.

      BUT, do u think Morrow will get his numbers with Melo on Jersey?
      I think his production would go down but maybe 3's and %'s will go even higher.

      What do u think?

    • Only an 8 man league but tell me what you think. I went heavy on bigs so Il need to trade for some assist/ 3s but I think its a pretty stud squad. What do you think?

      Steve Nash
      Tyreke Evans
      Darren Collinson
      Jason Terry
      Brandon Jennings
      John Salmons
      Kevin Durant
      Brook Lopez
      Tim Duncan
      Andrew Bogut
      Yao Ming
      Greg Oden

    • Aite guys, I'm signing out, hope i helped

    • theres actually a lot of decent sg/sfs late in the game, JR smith, ron artest, mike dunleavy, demar derozan, reggie williams, anthony morrow, the brewer brothers,

      Because of these guys id say solidify your pg/c positions first because of a lack of legitimate pg/cs late so by the time ur 3rd+4th pick comes around go for a pg to solidify ur backcourt westbrook, and then if u can get him gay would be a nice addition but if not then go for Jrich or Galli for a boost in 3s

    • Should I pick up Jordan Farmar? 16 h2h league Im stacked in pgs but i wouldnt mind his treys

      My candidate would be (droppable)
      1 Darko Milichic (Starting C prob not all that great, mediocre to me)

      2 Ronny Turiaf (Starting C as well, but no potential just cheap blks boards and very injury prone)

      3 Tyler Hansbrough ( Starting, has potential and i see him having a great year now that he is healthy again)

      4 Thaddeus Young (call me crazy but I think hes not going to be all that great )

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      • I'd drop milicic or turiaf for him, moreso milicic, both of the frontcourts are crowded (Min-Love, beasley: NYK-amare, randolph) but turiaf will at least get u more blocks+boards than milicic especially b/c turiaf is in a system that hes comfortable playing in (moving from GS to NYK isnt a big play style change) so id say drop milicic for him and see how that pans out

    • What do u think of this team??? 10 team h2h league

      Rajon Rondo
      Andre Iguodala
      Brandon Jennings
      LeBron James
      Zach Randolph
      O.J. Mayo
      Gilbert Arenas
      Chris Kaman
      Roy Hibbert
      Jameer Nelson
      Yao Ming
      Terrence Williams
      Reggie Williams
      Wilson Chandler
      Spencer Hawes

      CATS:Field Goals Made (FGM), Field Goal Percentage (FG%), Free Throws Made (FTM), Free Throw Percentage (FT%), 3-point Shots Made (3PTM), 3-point Percentage (3PT%), Points Scored (PTS), Offensive Rebounds (OREB), Defensive Rebounds (DREB), Assists (AST), Steals (ST), Blocked Shots (BLK)

    • Hey X, need your opinion on this trade proposal:

      Robin Lopez/DeMar DeRozan - Roy Hibbert/DJ Augustin

      Who wins and why? Thanks!

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      • oo very interesting trade but i'd have to give the slight edge to lopez/derozan simply because DJ augustin might be demoted to the bench with the arrival of devin harris, I read that the nets are trying to get him too but bobcats dont really wanna let him go, but if that trade happens to go thru then all of augustins potential is shot otherwise all 4 of these players are candidates to have breakout years, hibbert>lopez, derozan>augustin (but only because of the chance of this trade)

    • how was my mock draft?
      1. Stephen Curry (GS - PG)
      2. Brook Lopez (NJ - C)
      3. Tyreke Evans (Sac - PG,SG)
      4. Joakim Noah (Chi - PF,C)
      5. Darren Collison (Ind - PG)
      6. Andray Blatche (Was - PF,C)
      7. Andrew Bynum (LAL - C)
      8. Jameer Nelson (Orl - PG)
      9. Evan Turner (Phi - SG,SF)
      10. J.R. Smith (Den - SG,SF)
      11. Boris Diaw (Cha - SF,PF)
      12. Roy Hibbert (Ind - C)
      13. Austin Daye (Det - SG,SF)

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      • how many people was it? you absolutely stole hibbert in the 12th, but reached way too much for evan turner, also i'd suggest getting greg monroe instead of austin daye and replacing the bynum pick with a more solid sg/sf/pf like salmons or green or someone and replacing the diaw pick, hes not bad but hes been in a decline for a while and i think this might be the year ty thomas makes his move into the starting lineup if he stays wit the bobcats, if he does move to the jazz he becomes more valuable, expect him to put up the same stats that kirilenko did cuz theyr both do-it-all forwards.

        but other than that, it seems pretty solid

    • I'm on a keepers league. My 4 players from last year are Nash, Curry, Iguodala, Amare.

      Which stats should I go for in the draft and which ones I should punt?

      And maybe you can tell me who I should try to get on the draft to get the cats needed.

      I'll pick 5th on the draft (8 teams, so I'll pick again on the 12, 21, 28...)

      The top 28 FA's on the league are:
      G.Wallace, Kidd, Al Jefferson, Horford, Ellis, T.Murphy, D.West, Nene, D.Rose, Manu, Gay, M.Gasol, Westbrook, Mo, Z.Randolph, Camby, Love, S.Jackson, Collison, Kevin Martin, Noah, J.Richardson, Gallinari, Jamison, B.Davis, Harris, Felton, Brooks

      So, I can pick 4 of those players I just told you... I like Wallace, Al, Horford, West, Rose, Gay, Gasol, Mo, Randolph, Jamison, Brooks... then Richardson, Gallinari, Felton

      I'll appreciate all your comments about my options here.


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      • Hard to determine what you should punt cuz ur four keepers cover a wide array of cats...i would suggest punting blocks and TO and go for Zbo and love first possibly david west if they get taken, then westbrook cuz hes the best rebounding guard besides kidd. If you can get wallace then get him but idk if hell go first in the draft. After those three you should try and bolster threes so go for kevin martin, galli, or Jrich.

    • 10 team h2h
      e gordon
      m thornton
      amir johnson

      who fits my team better hibbert or t thomas ( looks more appealing now that diaw is gone)is parker fair to offer?

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      • I would hold on cuz its not determined that diaw's leaving just yet, Melo still has to agree to this and lets think about it...who the hell wants to play for the nets? I would go for hibbert and i htink the fact that parker is in his contract year makes it somewhat fair but it depends on how highly the person regards hibbert, personally I wouldnt but i would suggest offering parker and cousins for hibbert and another pg as a safe bet, but if you feel like gambling i think parker for ty thomas is pretty fair at this point cuz its not confirmed that diaws leaving but if he does u scored big

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