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  • Jessica K Jessica K Sep 4, 2010 2:47 PM Flag

    My FIRST DRAFT!! (of the season...)

    It was a weird draft. Rondo went in the third overall pick. Anywho, I had 11th overall pick, 12-team H2H.

    PG: Tyreke Evans, Mo Williams, Jameer Nelson, D.J. Augustin

    SG: Marcus Thornton, J.R. Smith

    SF: John Salmons, Richard Hamilton

    PF: Pau Gasol, Anderson Varejao, Jeff Green

    C: David Lee, Ben Wallace

    I feel like I may be lacking in BLKs and ASTs... but I should be able to secure at LEAST five categories on a weekly basis: (REBs, PTS, 3PTMs, FG% and STLs)

    What do you think? Please, say something better than "It Sucks!"

    See the weird draft results here: http://basketball.fantasysports.yahoo.com/nba/6150/draftresults

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    • plz tell me mo williams wasnt your 4th pick... I like your first 2 picks... Evans went a bit high, but at least he has some upsight... I say you are below average by a bit...

    • Greatest Championship History™ Greatest Championship History™ Sep 5, 2010 12:03 AM Flag

      Your draft position was very nice. It's obvious you took Pau Gasol and David Lee in your 1st 2 picks. It's a nice start, but I think something went wrong after that. The guard position is too shallow for assist. Gasol and Lee's support for rebounds are shallow too. I'm not in any position to judge it completely right now, it's too early. Anything can happen in a season.

    • There's something about your team that's missing someone.
      Evans, Mo, Nelson, Salmon, Gasol and Lee are your best player the rest are decent.

      Salmon and Thornton would be your only SG to give you consistent numbers. J.R. from time to time will be good. Hamilton hopefully will have a better year(I have him in 2 of my leagues).

      Maybe trade Jameer for a good well rounded player.

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      • "Well-Rounded" as in "All-Around"? Who did you have in mind? The "all-around" players are usually in the top 30... which means that I'd need more than Jameer...!! lol

        I know what you mean, though. It's just one of those scenarios where you have to wait for your players to actually play in order to assess where you need to cut, strengthen and exploit!

        Thank you for the feedback.

    • Jessica,

      From looking at your squad and draftees, here's what I see.

      1) I would have liked to have seen you draft Granger instead of David Lee. That would have solidified the SF position. Or you could have drafted a more traditional PG like Nash. Don't get me wrong, Lee is a versatile big, but I like my PF/C to block shots, especially after drafting Pau.

      2) Pau was a solid 1st round pick as was Tyreke for a 3rd round pick

      3) Your SG's are very unreliable, erratic, and inconsistent. I would try to package a deal to get a more reliable player. Try to address the SG/SF position immediately.

      4) Your FG% should be a little weak depending upon how Thornton, J.R., Salmons, Green, and Mo hold up week after week.

      5) Rounds 5 and 6 were awful picks. Sorry for the bluntness but Jeff Green is not 5th round material and nor is Thornton for the 6th. Bogut (though injured) would have solified the C position along with Pau, same for Blatche, and Ray Allen would have given you the stability at SG.

      6) You have plenty of 3 point shooters and players that can steal the ball

      7) Make Tiers for other drafts! Seems like you picked some players a lot earlier than they would have gone.

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      • Now THAT is what a nice breakdown looks like! *giggles*

        1) I agree... I was going to correct the fact by getting Dalembert, but he went before I could get him. So I focused on Hibbert and the auto-pick team before my pick took 'im.... it was a disappointing round for me... :o(

        2) Thank you :o)

        3) I agree on the fact that I have weak SG/SFs. I focused on PG and C positions for too long.

        4) I agree, however, I believe that my choice in PF/Cs could offset the question mark in the FG% category.

        5) Love the honesty! Honestly! lol Well, I've had Jeff Green in the past and he's mostly consistent, in my experience. Could I have drafted him later? Sure. I was trying to address the SF deficiency that I noticed and I thought I already had enough PF/Cs. I SHOULD'VE gotten Jamal Crawford or Caron Butler. I think Blatche is slightly overhyped - not a lot, just slightly - and I think he won't do as well, this season. He'll do very good... just not AS good. And Ray Allen - to me - is the definition of inconsistency. 33 point game following a 5 point outing? Yeah... it's like that all the time. He AVERAGES a decent amount, but he scores double in double digits in just one or two of the three or four games in the week.

        7) It was a WEIRD draft. I was confused! lol!

        Thank you for your input :o)


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