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  • Andrew B Andrew B Feb 9, 2010 11:45 AM Flag

    Brook Lopez trade

    I give: Brook Lopez

    I get: Marcus Camby


    (My needs = boards, steals, blocks, lower turnovers)

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    • Lopez is a beast and has better offense. Not to mention that Camby is injury prone and hurt you down the stretch when you are in the playoffs.

      Lopez is one of the most conveted dudes because he does so much!

      Keep him unless you get something you can't refuse!

    • Brook Lopez has been awesome, and will give you more scoring, but if you really need more boards and blocks, I'd do it, eventhough Lopez is better all around.
      If you have a disappointing player on your team, try to throw him in the deal and maybe get something else in return slightly better

    • staying with Brook Lopez is the "safer" thing to do. Camby is super in Fantasy with all those blocks and boards but with that comes a standard "Camby disclaimer" he could miss a game (or two) from time-to-time. If you can live with Camby possibly missing a game or two here and there, then you'd stand to gain in BLK's and REB's with Camby but you'd in turn be giving up PTS and FT%. In my opinion this is a very close call.


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