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  • dy dy Feb 7, 2010 8:48 PM Flag


    Im not a prick, in fact i allow most trades to occur. I usually do not care if one side is getting a little more than the other, however i feel that this one is completely one sided, as it is only a 10 team league and there are close to about 10 people on the FA list that could be picked up that are better than JR.

    So basically it comes down to,

    Westbrook for Wallace...

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    • If the other guy desperately needs assists, then the trade isn't that absurd. Westbrook is 8th in the league in assists and averages 16pts and 5rebs. He has a great playoff schedule and is improving rapidly this season. And Wallace is banged up right now. I'm not saying iy's a trade I would make. but I don't think it's that crazy.


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