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  • df df Feb 2, 2010 7:47 PM Flag

    Got offered lebron

    I give Dwight and billups
    I get Lebron

    no percentages and no turnovers.

    Should I take it? This is a keeper league.

    My team
    v. carter


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    • that is the stupidest offer ever... i cant stand all you people who over value lebron. With your league settings, he is NOT worth dwight and chauncey. Dwight is a top 5 player, and maybe top 3 player in a league wtih no TOs or FT%... In fact, is your league named Biased Towards Dwight?

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      • Hey STOP MENTIONING dwight to be the top 3 or 5 without this or without that. The fact is FT and TO are counted so NO WAY dwight is a stop 5 with bad FT and HIGH TO for a center or anyone to the fact. This is a Keepers league he's in so LeBron is much better and Billup isn't worth much after this year, so pull the trade for LeBron.

      • And ignore chaunceys age, you have dwight, amare, and deron williams who you can keep, or maybe even devin harris if we see some serious proving this next couple months. Youre giving away lets say #3 ranked player dwight and #8 (average month ranked player (chauncey)). And you keep claiming lebron is light years ahead of these players in fantasy, but he really is not when you consider your weird league settings.

    • here's what a friend thinks. do you guys agree?

      any time you have a chance to get lebron without crippling your team, you have to do it. in a keeper league, even more so.

      everyone keeps mentioning that howard is a top 5 fantasy player without free throws. well, lebron is the #1 fantasy player, and then its not even close before the monster dropoff to the next person. he could well be more like #1, #2, and #3, and then you can talk about paul and howard and others after that.

      dwight's two biggest assets are his blocks and his boards. lebron is the best non-center in the league at those two categories combined. you still lose, yes, but you gain at steals and 3s and make leaps and bounds ahead at points and assists.

      billups is a nonfactor in this decision. hes 33, hes going to start resting more toward playoffs, and his longterm value is very low. he is an asset for nice points and assists plus good 3s. his value is hurt by the loss of free throws.

      you might regret losing howard on some big days here or there or even for stretches at a time.

      you will ALWAYS regret missing a chance to get lebron james.

    • so yea defently take it 100%

    • well i have billups on my team but i dont have dwight billups hes good but lebrons better and dwights good but lebron is an all around player dwight howard isnt all he can do is hit layups and dunk lebron can do that plus shoot and billups barley shoots and lebron does and lebron is a lot better than billups and mideium better then dwight if i were u i wouldnt do it cause lebron is having an MVP year

    • because its keeper i would do it.... only keep in mind though that howard can always get better (which is a scary thought).... but for right now i would do it.... cuz it seems like a small league

    • Tough with out percentages. You def dont lose or get hurt grabbing LBJ, but with out FT% Dwight is a top 5 player probably.

      Big trade bout to happen.
      i give Iggy/manu/haywood
      Devin Harris/Noah/Love/Butler

      good deal right? I am dropping FOye or Peja
      12 team league

    • any last thoughts on this?

    • DONT DO IT...

      in a league with no percentages & TO's...DWIGHT IS SOOOOO GOOOD THEN

    • not for dwight.... his numbers are only gonna get better. Lebron is a borderline trip double, but i'd go for an amare billups for lebron deal. maybe even throw in a millsap for somebody else on his squad. but not for DWIGHT. he's gonna continue to be the league leading shot blocker and rebounder for a long time to come.

      Anybody that gives you 3 stl or blk a game you don't trade.... especially when they also pull 12+ boards. They're both young, but lebrons game as far as statistics go, i don't anticipate gettin much better... his clutch factor will improve throughout the years but overall stats, probably not so much. Dwight on the other hand will continue to get better and better as far as scoring, and well... you can't really ask for much more than what he's doing now on the boards/blocks.

      just my opinion, but i don't take this trade

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      • why would lebron need to get better, hes the best fantasy player easy. he puts up more astsbrds ansd stls than most guards, more brds and blks than most forwards. huge 3s, and his scoring is top 5 every year. there is not a category that he does not excell in big time. his mediocre ft% is his only downfall, although it's not terrible, and in this case it doesn't matter

    • i dont know if everyone responding is realizing there is no to;s or ft% here- its def not a no brainer imo without that- dont know how many yoi keep but d12 and dwill covers a lot of the hard stats like blks/assts very well throw in gallo with 3;s

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