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  • Gage Gage Jan 25, 2010 3:02 PM Flag

    Any questions???

    ask away...

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    • jennings dropped !! - worth the pick up and wait for return - will be dropping lawson for him - roto std scoring league non keeper - when is he coming back !!

    • Looking for a free-agent pickup to provide assists. Based on the available free-agents in my league, I've narrowed it to Kirk Hinrich and Ty Lawson. Lots of assists/low turnovers. They have similar stat lines,

      I like Hinrich a little better, but I want to get some opinions on who has a better outlook over the rest of the season. I'm thinking along the lines of their roles/playing time/proneness to injury/previous second half performance/and who's the better overall quality player?

      Any thoughts would be appreciated.

    • what's b-roy worth right now?
      not really sure if i should drop him for players like:

      kris humphries, george hill, ty lawson, taj gibson, spencer hawes etc..

      or should i keep on waiting...


    • im in a 10-team roto league. who do you think i could offer to get mike conley and someone else? i need assists, steals, ft%, and blocks. maybe my iggy, randolph and gallinari for conley,wade, and w.chandler? or is that too much from me or him?

      my team is this:

      PG Devin Harris
      SG Jason Richardson
      G Andre Iguodala
      SF Danilo Gallinari
      PF Dirk Nowitzki
      F Lamar Odom
      C Zach Randolph
      C Marc Gasol
      Util Nicolas Batum
      Util Andris Biedrins
      BN OJ Mayo
      BN Robin Lopez
      BN Aaron Brooks

      his team is this:

      PG Jrue Holiday
      SG Gilbert Arenas
      G Dwayne Wade
      SF Lebron James
      PF Carmelo Athony
      F Wilson Chandler
      C Tyson Chandler
      C Elton Brand
      Util Mike Conley
      Util Darko Milicic
      BN Jeff Green
      BN Wesley Matthews
      BN Spencer Hawes

    • Who should I drop to keep my team competitive? and for who?
      14 Teams H2H 9 Cats, Non-Keeper League

      Notable Free Agents:
      Blair, Redick, Harden, Battier, B.Wallace, Meeks, D.Jordan, CDR, Gooden, Korver, B.Gordon, M.Miller, Hickson

    • alright i'm offering: Dirk N, B-Roy, and Tony Parker/DJ Augustine

      he's trading: Joe Johnson, Carlos Boozer/Chris Bosh, D-Will/Steph Curry

      it's still pretty early, but which combinations gives me the upper hand, and also which gives us both a fair trade?


    • drop mike dunleavy or jj hickson for marvin williams

      both players are struggling

      williams looks like hes about to do work with joe johnson out

    • I am in a 8 team h2h league, currently in 3rd place...i just wanted to know if there is something I can do to make my team better? TO count...

      John Wall
      B. Jennings
      Baron Davis
      Monte Ellis
      Stephan Jackson
      G.Wallace trade pending for A.Igoudala
      Carmelo Anthony
      Kevin Durant
      A. Bargnani
      Blake Giffin
      Roy Hibbert
      Brook Lopez

      There are some great FA in my league ....A. Kirlienko, Joe Johnson, R.Jefferson...just to name a few!!


    • Stephen Curry

      O.J. Mayo

      Mo Williams

      Rudy Gay

      Andrei Kirilenko

      David Lee

      Channing Frye

      Stephen Jackson

      Boris Diaw

      Marcus Camby

      Deron Williams

      Brandon Roy

      kevin garnett

    • I need boards badly, I have bynum and haslem injured and have not won boards yet.

      I have plenty of 3s and want to get rid of antawn jamison and get boards, he has bad ft%

      should i pickup evans for jamison?
      i have tried trading jamison for ak47 and green but no one wants him.

      i know he has value but he is not great for my team.
      should i try for tyson chandler?

      I am also worried about bledsoe on my team, should i drop him for ridnour?

      i need help, 12 man h2h 9 standard cats

      my team

      ray allen
      s jax

      so far the only cats that i can run no problem are steals/ft% and 3s

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