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  • Ryan Ryan Jan 25, 2010 2:00 AM Flag

    Kevin Martin-drop or wait

    I was just wondering what other people think about K-Mart right now. I know he just came back from an injury that took him out for 8 weeks, but his numbers just aren't what they used to be. I know he is capable of big games, but I just haven't seen results since he came back. Should I give him more time to recover, or should I dump him? FYI- It's a roto league.

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    • If you were going to get upset about a guy coming back after 8 weeks putting up average numbers for the first 4 games, why did you keep him in the first place?

      Plus, his numbers have been alright, just not terrific. If you really want to be rid of him, trade him. You can get a lot more back in a trade than you can find on the waiver wire.

    • He's been back what, 3 or 4 games? Way too soon to sever ties just yet. Ok, so in the few games he is back he hasnt scored 30 a game, but look at his career numbers.....the skills are there. Even if his numbers drop to around 20pts a game, I am sure thats much better than whats floating around in your leagues FA pool. If you really dont want to wait it out, trade him but dont drop him

      Think of it this way, would you rather wait it out and see if he can turn it around and be a big impact for you or cut the cord too quickly and see someone else pick him up and have him return to form and cost you.

      I say wait it out or trae him

    • are you crazy?

      id give it at least another month,.

      or at least trade him

      depending unless you have a shallow league

      answer my jennings post please


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