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    Help Rebuild my team (Multiple Trades)

    Alright, so unfortunately my team hasn't done so hot. Didn't have a bad draft, but the key guys to my team haven't helped. I thought I had categories locked down, but have failed miserably. It is a 12 team league, and I am in 10th, but only 4 games out of the playoffs. (6 go to the promised land)

    I have one 1 week all season (using 9 categories, FT%,FG%, 3PTM, PTS, REB, STL, AST, BLK, TO, standard stuff I believe)

    I have lost 8 weeks in a row, by either 4-5 or 3-5-1.

    My strengths - TO's, FG%,
    Weakness - AST, STL

    The rest I am pretty much middle of the road or a tad above average. TO's I've won all but one week, FG% I am solid in. I have only one the steals category once and only twice have I won assists.

    Here is my roster.

    Jason Terry
    Caron Butler
    Louis Williams
    Stephen Jackson
    Kevin Love
    Jason Richardson
    Emeka Okafor
    Pau Gasol
    Rodney Stuckey
    Stephen Curry
    Tim Duncan
    Ben Gordon
    Danilo Gallinari

    Recent Moves -

    Picked up Ben Gordon off of waivers. Should be useful down the stretch.

    Jose Calderon
    Charlie Villanueva (Picked up a week before I traded him)
    JR Smith

    Caron Butler
    Stephen Jackson
    Stephen Curry

    This definitely changed the makeup of my team, and I couldn't be more pleased thus far with how they have played. (This happened on Saturday, so this is first week with new team)

    I also have this trade pending

    Richard Hamilton (I GET)

    Louis Williams (I GIVE)

    I intend to ship Hamilton out in a package deal, but I think having the bigger name commodity is useful and I expect more from him for hopefully the week or two I have him. I picked up Williams when I dropped Speights, thinking he had more upside. He has recaptured the pre-jaw numbers, and with AI is battling for time and assists. He has been good for points and a couple threes, that is about it.

    Here are the trades I am trying to pulloff

    Samuel Dalembert (I GET)
    Kevin Martin

    Jason Richardson (I GIVE)
    Jason Terry
    Richard Hamilton

    Trading for BLKS/REBS + high %'s, and Martin will cover 3's and PTS both with limited TO's.

    And (This one is on the table)

    Jason Kidd (I GET)
    Andris Biedrins


    Tim Duncan (I GIVE)

    Kidd would give me an unquestionable edge in the assists category will solidifying the 3. He also doesn't turnover the ball. Biedrins would give me some blocks, or maybe something to turn around and trade to someone else. I'm wary of Duncan getting rest down the stretch and killing me. Is this too weak of a deal, since I am so desperate for assists? I feel if I can get the Dalembert trade that would cover the loss of Duncan and not really lose any ground.

    So what do you guys think in total? Partial failure was inconsistency from guys I needed it, Calderon not getting assists, Smith not hitting 3's, and Gasol being out so much. I got rid of the first two and Gasol appears to be pretty healthy. Getting Love off of waivers 3 weeks before he came back also hamstrung me but that monster trade I feel I can run with a lot of teams. I just need to shore up my strengths and if I get Kidd, that will flip a weakness to a strength (Coupled with getting Curry and Jackson), not to mention I'm currently winning the steals category as well.

    Well I apologize for the long winded-ness. Give me your thoughts, ideas, complaints. I appreciate any commentary.

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    • Should I trade:




      Best FA's, are Dragic for 3's, and Ben Wallace just got dropped. Chandler is also available thinking of adding him.

    • Trade update.

      Hamilton for Williams went through.

      I now have him (Hamilton).

      My attempted trade for Kevin Martin and Dalembert was countered, and he wanted Stephen Jackson and Caron Butler. Right now I view Jackson as a huge asset and am unwilling to part with him. I'm going to try to pull a 3 for 2. The guy has Dunleavy sitting on his bench, I don't think he'd mind dropping him for someone like JRich.

      Going to attempt to toss Hamilton/JRich/Terry at him for Dalembert and Martin.

      Too much? Looking it at in the average stat category...and man it seems like I am....is Martin going to regain his touch? I feel like I am getting a buy high guy in Dalembert, and a buy low guy in Martin. I expect Dalembert to calm back down a bit, but Martin to improve. Is that unrealistic?

    • sell JET for all you can get. If the mav move kevin martin over there he will have no value at all

    • your team is very vanilla. its obvious by looking at your team, you dont dominate anything. your in a desperate situation. you need to punt some categories, and become very strong at 5. try to not make one of them to. the old win 5 lose 4 method.

    • bump...

    • I always need to sort the team to judge it.

      PG - Stuckey,
      SG - Terry, Lou Will, JRich, Curry, Gordon
      SF - Butler, SJax, Gallinari
      PF - Love,
      C - Okafor, Gasol, Duncan

      That shows a little more about your team. You have no point guards. You get some assts through Stuckey, but thats it. Centers are strong! SG are all empty scorers except Curry and JRich. You need another PF.

      Game plan: Terry, Lou Will, Gordon and Gallinari are all available. Offer any combination of them to turn them into a decent PF that can rebound and a PG that shoots some 3's. Two 2for1 deals will do it.

      Then you will need to pick up 2 players from FA. Combine Stuckey with one of those new guys and find a second PG that can shoot 3's.

      Pick up someone else from FA.

      How is that?

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      • Interesting. I think I need a big assist guy because I get assists from just about every position, but nothing dominate.

        Stuckey and Curry both have around the same assists, 4.4/4.5, and then Jackson chips in with around 3.8, ditto Gasol and Duncan and even Gordon if he ever gets back on the court dishes around 3 a game.

        I think the trade with Curry/Jackson/Butler turned my team into below average, from atrocious in that category.

        I don't quite see the need for a PF...because I have multiple players I can flip in there.

        What do you think of trading from a strength, center, and getting back a good PG and decent center?

    • I'm too tired to read all that. But I would suggest trying to find some categories that you are close in and try to make moves there. Change those categories from ones that could go either way to ones that you take 9 out of 10,

      I'm in similar spot...sort of. 8 cat - 10 team league. I dominate in points, rebounds, steals, and blocks. I get killed in 3's and assists. (Fighting hard to keep 2nd in the league.) I made FA moves and one trade to secure control of those four categories. Now I am trying to make controlled moves to make me more competitive in 3's first. And later, if I can, I will try to get more assists.

      The key it seems is to really crunch numbers and factor as many intangibles as humanly possible in order to make moves where you can make targeted gains without destroying your core.

      Good Luck

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      • Good points.

        I'm trying to do a lot of what you said, I think that I may have flipped as far as TO's, because of Jackson and Curry (Butler not being a real issue), and Calderon being the antithesis of those two and rarely turning it over, but the influx of steals and points was well worth it.

        The sad part was the only arena I dominated was in TO's. I was pretty much average in everything else and horrid in steals and assists.

        I expect points, 3's, (percentages maybe), and steals to be a lot stronger now, but none of those categories are dominant. One of the reasons I am attempting to corner the BLK, 3's, and Assist categories.

    • Sweet I will have to check that out! Thanks for the info and the link!

    • I don't see the benefit of trading one of my better players for someone nearly identical, but with slightly more assists.

      I don't gain anything other than a handful of assists, and Jackson has been hot in the last month.

      Double the 3's of Davis, 80 more points, 30 more boards, nearly identical the rest of the away except for assists.

      That isn't a dynamic change, its barely much of anything :/

    • WHO IS THE BEST BIG MAN FA? i have an idea if there is a decent one

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