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  • Jihn H Jihn H Jan 20, 2010 1:39 PM Flag

    answering questions until 2 pm

    bored at work. been playing fantasy basketball since 2001. won only once though the last 3 years i've gotten 2nd hehe. fire away

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    • Start:
      KLove ...sick
      Jameer Nelson
      Mike Miller

      I'm leaning towards Dampier and Nelson... thoughts???

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      • Here is my roster. I am currently in 2nd place in a 12 man league with the usual categories.

        Luke Ridnour(Mil - PG)

        O.J. Mayo(Mem - SG)

        Rodney Stuckey(Det - PG,SG)

        Omri Casspi(Sac - SG,SF,PF)

        Al Horford(Atl - PF,C)

        Paul Millsap(Uta - SF,PF)

        Tim Duncan(SA - PF,C)

        Amar'e Stoudemire(Pho - PF,C)

        DeJuan Blair(SA - SF,PF,C)

        Kendrick Perkins(Bos - C)

        Mo Williams(Cle - PG)

        Lamar Odom(LAL - SF,PF)

        Wilson Chandler(NY - SG,SF,PF)

        The categories I am struggling just a little bit in are assists and free throws but not super worried about them.

        I wanted to improve in assists to make myself sturdier in that category so a trade is currently pending right now for tim duncan for rondo.

        I am really concerned with having casspi in my line up but there is no one at all I could pick up to replace him. I was considering stackhouse but not sure yet.

        Any thoughts on my roster and suggestions? Appreciate any help. Thanks!

    • I just picked up Delfino the other day because he's played pretty well in back-to-back games (28 points with 6 3s on Saturday, and a double-double Monday)...

      I also have Yi Jianlian, and I think I'm about to trade him....Humphries is playing well, and his minutes are increasing. If I pick him back up, I basically recover Jianlian's stats for free...

      Should I go ahead and drop Delfino for Humphries, then try to grab Delfino back after a trade???

      Or should I hold Delfino and wait till a trade goes through to pick up Humphries with a free roster spot?

      Basically, who is more valuable - Delfino or Humphries???

    • I'm currently in a 10player H2H league 15CATs..Im in first place at the moment, I'm up by 16games from 2nd place..I was wondering if I should trade anyone from my team..or should I leave my team as is...the only trade ive offered at the moment is randy foye for devin harris(trying to get harris as a buy low)
      My Team
      PG Russell Westbrook
      SG Kevin Durant
      G Jason Richardson
      G Stephen Curry
      G Eric Gordon
      SF Josh Smith
      PF Jason Thompson
      F Andre Iguodala
      F Kevin Love
      C Al Jefferson
      C Andrew Bogut
      Util Randy Foye
      Util Rodney Stuckey
      Util Andrea Bargnani
      BN Aaron Brooks

    • pau gasol, rasheed wallace and courtney lee for andrea bargnani, brendan haywood, and boris diaw? who gets the better deal?

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      • hmmm ... tough one ... ilike bargnani, haywood, and maybe diaw better than rasheed and courtney lee .... however pau is one of the best players in fantasy (sorted by avg stats). i think if you're receiving the bargnani side ... i might seriously consider it ... it's tough to give up pau, but rasheed and courtney lee are kind of ,imo, garbage

    • I have been offered Brandon Jennings/Lamarcus aldridge for my Chris Bosh.
      Im in a points based league.
      And if I accept, should I drop duhon or udrih?

    • ur down haha
      is there any move i should make?
      my team:



      b davis

      k martin

      j johnson









    • Trade offer,

      Get Nash and Joe Johnson,
      Give Kobe and Iggy

      What do you think

    • Someone is offering me Ellis. I'm not quite sure who to give in return. Trying to buy him low, but at the same time a fair deal.

      I'm thinking about offering Hedo and Rose for Ellis. I understand Hedo hasn't been playing well lately, but I believe he could bounce back.

      If that won't get me Ellis, then who should I give up? Or do I even need him? Thanks in advance.

      My roster:
      PG Steve Nash (Pho - PG)
      SG Joe Johnson (Atl - PG,SG,SF)
      G Russell Westbrook (OKC - PG)
      SF Hedo Turkoglu (Tor - SG,SF)
      PF Zach Randolph (Mem - PF,C)
      F LeBron James (Cle - SF)
      C Andrew Bogut (Mil - C)
      C Joakim Noah (Chi - PF,C)
      Util Derrick Rose (Chi - PG)
      Util LaMarcus Aldridge (Por - PF,C)
      BN Martell Webster (Por - SG,SF)
      BN Luis Scola (Hou - PF,C)
      BN Andrei Kirilenko (Uta - SF,PF)
      BN Chris Douglas-Roberts (NJ - PG,SG,SF)

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      • ellis will certainly make your team stronger. his weaknesses either won't greatly affect your team (turnovers - you probably lose that category anyway right?) and ft% (you should be able to stay above average). i don't think you can get him for hedo and rose though. rose is just not that good fantasywise, and hedo as you acknowledge is playing poorly. it'd take you joe johnson to get ellis and you'd pretty much be swapping 3's for stls.

    • hi there I was wondering who gets the better side of this trade. I already have tons of 3pts but the team i'm trading to always loses 3pts

      I'm offering
      Troy Murphy and Beno Udrih
      Samuel Dalembert and Anderson Varejao

    • what do i need to do with this team to make it better im losing to the first place team right now and am willing to trade all my players who should i target??
      10 team h2h
      fgm ftm pts 3's reb ast stl blk to
      my team
      PG Chris Paul (NO - PG)
      SG Louis Williams (Phi - PG,SG)
      G Russell Westbrook (OKC - PG)
      SF Carmelo Anthony (Den - SF)
      PF Kevin Love (Min - PF,C)INJ
      F Mike Dunleavy (Ind - SG,SF)
      C Al Horford (Atl - PF,C)
      C Andris Biedrins (GS - C)
      Util Chris Bosh (Tor - PF,C)
      Util Baron Davis (LAC - PG)
      BN Danilo Gallinari (NY - SF)
      BN Al Harrington (NY - PF,C)

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      • you have a really good team and i wouldn't recommend drastic changes. a cursory glance at your team suggests your weakest category is blocks and the most expendable guy is mike dunleavy. perhaps pickup robin lopez? don't make hasty judgements on your team based on weekly performances. you have a really strong team. you should be fine


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