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  • Ron Ron Jan 5, 2010 6:39 AM Flag

    Will answer all your H2H trade, waiver and roster questions

    Please include your whole roster and categories so i can give you a complete answer.

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    • could you rate my team please and any opinion about who sholud i pick and drop.
      here is my team:

      PG Derrick Rose
      SG Louis Williams
      G Tyreke Evans
      SF Corey Maggette
      PF Joakim Noah
      F Zach Randolph
      C Al Jefferson
      C Andrea Bargnani
      Util Dwyane Wade
      Util Devin Harris
      BN Hedo Turkoglu
      BN David Lee
      BN Luis Scola
      BN Kevin Martin
      BN Blake Griffin

      possible FAs:
      Stephen Curry
      Samuel Dalembert
      Mike Bibby
      Mike Conley
      Andris Biedrins
      Anthony Randolph
      Lamar Odom
      Devin Brown
      Richard Jefferson
      Jose Juan Barea
      Luke Ridnour
      Leandro Barbosa
      Spencer Hawes
      Boris Diaw
      Randy Foye

      and it's an 8 team league

    • I am in first place in my 14 team league by 7.5 games. I feel like I need to make a trade because some people are catching up to me. Our categories are: FG%, FT%, FTM, 3PM, Rebounds, Assts, Steals, Blocks, Points, TO.

      My team is: Rondo, Jennings, L. Williams, Duhon, J. Johnson, Courtney Lee, Deng, A Randolph, Dirk, Gallinari, Nene, Big Ben, R Jefferson.

      1st Trade Idea: johnson, jennings, lee or rj for Duncan, Westbrook, Ray allen

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      • i would trade one of ur PGs preferably jennings(bad %) for another big who can grab rebs and block shots. hell, if u can trade jj for pau straight up then do it. i have pau in my 18 team/15cat team and he has helped me more than he hurt me even in his worst games. theres a bit of a risk though on ur part since u have a healthy jj but u will surely dominate ur league if u get him. if u want a lesser risk, try to get kaman for a lesser price too.

        i wont take a risk on granger right now at least until i see him really stay on the floor after he comes back.

    • ilyasova is currently in a slump and has been dropped by a lot of teams lately.

      should i keep or drop him?

      my team: 12 team H2H:
      PG - chris paul, jason kidd, russell westbrooke
      SG - monta ellis, andre iguodala
      SF - richard jefferson, ersan ilyasova, corey brewer
      PF - carlos boozer, tyrus thomas, al harrington
      C - brendan haywood, kevin love

      notable FAs:
      mike miller (returning from inj)
      matt barnes (starting for magic)
      courtney lee
      tayshaun prince
      erik dampier/ben wallace (help at center)

    • can u somment on my "rip/erson too much" thread thanks!

    • Here is my team:

      Deron Williams
      Jarrett Jack
      Louis Williams
      Omri Casspi
      Luther Head
      Michael Redd
      David West
      Yi Jianlian
      Tim Ducan
      Al Jefferson
      Tyrus Thomas
      Lamarcus Aldridge
      Ron Artest
      Kevin Martin (injured)

      Looking to get some assists, blocks and steals...

      I know it's a lowball offer, but do you think I have a chance of getting CP3 and Brooke Lopez by offering Aldridge, David West, and Casspi???

      If not, what should I change it to to get the deal done? (The owner also has Calderon, so I could trade Jack)...

      Or should I just stay where I am because it will be too expensive to get those 2 players?

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      • no chance in getting it for sure but u can always try. but remember that even if its fair or on their advantage, a lot of managers wont give up a guy like paul. having deron is already an advantage when it comes to assist, u dont need another assist stud in CP3. just support him with a couple guys who average 4-6 assist and u wont lose that cat again. just go try and trade for jsmith/camby/nene/brand, any1 of these guys will give u both stls and blocks that u need on a much cheaper price.

    • Was this a good trade for me???

      I needed the rebounds and have a good amount of Guards that i was able to grab right before they came back.. They are starting to pic it up and i needed to save my teams rebounds before i fell too far.. Just hope the league doesnt veto but i dont see why they should..

      I gave: Wade and Casspi

      I received: Bosh and E Gordon

      My Team(after the trade):
      E Gordon
      Lou Wills
      D West

      • 1 Reply to Mak
      • the reason why u need rebounds despite having 4 centers already is because u have 2 shooting centers who hardly get boards in harrington and barnagni. why need 2 if u got guaerds who can shoot the trey anyways? i suggest u keep wade and use one of these 2 guys to get u a rebounding stud like dlee/klove/gwall/zbo/kaman who are all cheaper than cbosh.

    • Im getting Ellis. I have a plethora of talent, but Terry and Jennings are a disappointment at PG. Is this a solid two for one? (Notable FAs: Yi, Mike Miller, Mike Dunleavy, Chris Anderson, Webster)

      My Team (standard 12 team H2H)
      PG Brandon Jennings
      SG Jason Richardson
      G Paul Pierce
      SF Rudy Gay
      PF Josh Smith
      F Pau Gasol
      C Zach Randolph
      C Chris Bosh
      Util Danilo Gallinari
      Util Nene Hilario
      BN Jason Terry
      BN Carl Landry
      BN Channing Frye

    • josh smith for my j.rich and beasley

      14 teams H2H 11 Cats (fg%, ft%, pts, 3ptm, oreb, dreb, ast, stl, blk, to, pf)

      Here is my team:
      Kidd, Monta, Kevin Martin, Granger, J.rich, Beasley, Z-Bo, Lopez, Big Ben, (1 rotation player)

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      • i love to have jsmooth in any of my teams but in ur case, u might not need him. u already have big ben and jkidd to give u all the stats that josh will, but then again jrich and beasley are both offensive type players and u only have pts/3ptm as offensive cats in ur league. hmmmmm.... tough call.

        check ur past match us and see if ur doing good in pts and 3ptm, if u r then go make the trade and if not, just stick to ur current line up.

    • Hi there..really need help on this H2H league..here are the categories:

      Field Goal Percentage (FG%), Free Throws Made (FTM), Free Throw Percentage (FT%), 3-point Shots Made (3PTM), 3-point Percentage (3PT%), Points Scored (PTS), Offensive Rebounds (OREB), Defensive Rebounds (DREB), Assists (AST), Steals (ST), Blocked Shots (BLK), Turnovers (TO), Assist/Turnover Ratio (A/T)

      Here is my lineup: and it is a 10 team league

      Kirk Hinrich
      Josh Howard
      Aaron Brooks
      Antawn Jamison
      Luis Scola
      Brendan Haywood
      Elton Brand
      Caron Butler
      Mike Dunleavy
      Chris Paul
      Kevin Love
      Mehmet Okur

      proposed trade:
      klove, luis scola, caron butler for mike conley, rudy gay and jason thompson

    • CATS : FGM, 3PTM, FG%, FT%, PTS, REB, AST, ST, BLK, TO.

      My team :
      Dwight Howard
      Chauncy Billups
      Andre Igoudala
      Josh Smith
      David Lee
      Chris Duhon
      John Salmons
      Richard Jefferson
      Mehmet Okur
      Andrea Bargnani
      Richard Jefferson
      Kendrick Perkins
      Channing Frye
      Tayshaun Prince

      Who should I give up to get players like Brandon Roy, Monta Ellis, Chris Bosh, Nash, D. Williams, Z. Randolph, Mo Williams, Baron Davis, Russell Westbrook, and Stephen Jackson. Those type of top-performing players. And how can I improve my team? Thanks.

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