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  • Bennett Bennett Jan 4, 2010 1:43 AM Flag

    Need expert help focusing stats; Deals on the table

    Dont go for Frye. You're betting on a very inconsistent player to win you a category that is essential in gaining the upper hand in. You need Mo, but obviously Lopez is too much. Try Love and Biedrins together for Mo and another player on his squad that will help you a little, while at the same time go unnoticed by the other manager. You have to go balls in on this. Don't bet an essential stat on a VERY inconsistent player. Baron Davis is also another option. He has good steals, pretty good threes, but I'm not sure about his ft%. I agree though, Mo would probably be your best bet.

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    • Yeah, that's solid advice. I offered Love and Bieds for Mo Williams and John Salmons. Which will probably get rejected, in which case I should think about Kaman and Love for Mo Williams and Salmons, which would seems at first glance that it would end up being a good deal only if Kaman drops off when Griffin enters the picture.

    • I ended up trading Kaman and Love for Mo Williams and John Salmons.

      In broad strokes, it's certainly making me better in 3s, steals, ft%. Hopefully it's enough, and hopefully I can still match up well against the other couple of pretty strong teams (very different teams). Anyway, that was the move.


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