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  • Ginger Kid Ginger Kid Jan 4, 2010 12:39 AM Flag

    Need expert help focusing stats; Deals on the table

    Badump bump

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    • Sorry but this might be a long reply. If I had one team that I definitely needed to beat I would do the following before making any moves: Go to the week that the 2 of you are matched up and see how both your team's players are scheduled out that week. Its very possible that you could have all your players playing on a Monday and Wednesday and have nobody available for Tuesday or Thursday. Making any pickup or trade for a day you're overloaded anyways won't work. See where the holes in your schedule are that week and try to fill them with the best players available or that you can acquire. Also check your opponent's schedule that week. You might be punting a catagory that could be winable. Say if he has a Steve Nash type who ends up with only 2 games that week. Some weeks have day very few games are scheduled. The more you one up him those days the better chance you have. I hope this makes sense. No need having 12 or 15 players on a day that you can only use 10.


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