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  • KarukaZ KarukaZ Jan 2, 2010 12:07 AM Flag

    wow arenas can be terminated

    poor gilbert...with those bad kness without contract OMG

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    • really? what a dumba*&. Why would you pull a gun on someone. You are a 100 million dollar player. You can pay someone to do your dirty work for you.

    • GIlbert claims it didn't happen... if it can't be proven that he actually pulled a gun then i'm guessing they can't terminate it, but if some sort of proof surfaces i guess they'd be able to over something like this

    • As a Wizards fan and huge gilbert arenas fan, i am really dissapointed. im not going to say he didnt do it or that it should just be dropped, because, well lets be honest, gilbert is no delonte west. arenas has slowly started becoming a house hold name and its a shame that he would do something as stupid as this, considering i used to believe that he was one of the smarter people out there with his decision making.

      however, i suspect that he will miss AT LEAST 15 games, and unfortunately for me, he may have just ruined 2 of my 4 fantasy teams. My hope right now is that i can trade him by sunday and also praying that the people who look at the trade notifications havent yet heard about gil's incident.


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