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  • dy dy Dec 31, 2009 4:34 PM Flag

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    well you seem to be able to spare the rebounds if you were to trade those two, that trade just might work, especially if he is in need of big men, since bogut and thompson both average about 15ppg/8rpg.

    but roy is someone who many people arent willing to give up. so he mightt ask for more.

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    • you're pretty good. how long you've been a basketball fan? and any suggestions if he asks for more i don't want to give up nowitzki and gasol. to make it harder i also need blocks and i want to keep tyrus. i also like love in my team.

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      • Ive been a basketball fan since i was about 7. so its been a while.

        The tough thing, granted i dont agree with it, is that people are soo unwilling to give up their high draft pick due to the fact that they think that nothing will improve their team.

        I myself would probably take that trade considering the way those two are playing. But Roy is a player who people love and its going to take a lot of thinking for him to give him up.

        you may be able to pick him up if you offer another low end player and add a low end on his side, say someone like gallinari or cassipi.


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