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  • Me Me Dec 25, 2009 11:44 AM Flag

    If you had this team

    These are the players,

    Raymond Felton
    J.R. Smith
    Jarrett Jack
    Carmelo Anthony
    Charlie Villanueva
    Al Harrington
    Kevin Love
    Chris Bosh
    Marvin Williams
    Rashard Lewis
    A. I.
    Rasheed Wallace
    Kevin Garnett

    12 players Head to head league . What department would be your concern? Any recommendations?

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    • Assists as already mentioned, but also blocks. Your bigs are soft bigs with the exception of Rasheed and Garnett. But Rash'weed' isn't getting the minutes and Garnett is not the player he once was. On the otherhand, your soft bigs can shoot FTs.

    • I'd worry about Assists and steals. Try to trade Rashard, Sheed, Garnett, for a top notch PG. Other than that your SG/SF/PF/C are pretty legit.

      Can you help on my Dynasty Trade Help post?

    • Jarrett Jack when Calderon returns you will want to replace him.
      Charlie Villanueva Do you have anyone on the FA list better
      A. I. Try to trade away I thnk he will not produce as he had in the past. Use his name to try and pull off a good trade. Put him with Villanueva.

      Overall not a bad team just a couple of weak players.

      I would look for a C with shot blocking and a PG for assists.


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