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  • PugLife PugLife Dec 16, 2009 1:18 PM Flag

    BIG TRADE Durant/M.Williams for Bosh/Rose

    I get Durant and Mo and give Bosh and Rose.

    What do you think? I have a very strong team, but am always looking to make it better.

    Right now my team is:

    Stephen Jackson

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    • Do you think McGrady will get a decent amount of boards once he gets going? I got rid of Griffin to get him, so hopefully Blake won't be a beast in the paint whenever he gets back mid January. If McGrady doesn't come through in the next couple week and Griffin is still availible, I might wind up dropping him and getting blake again.

      I think I am going to go after Gerald Wallace. He could be a huge asset to my team. Boards, 3's, pts.... Who do you think I should offer for Gerald Wallace?

    • Good decision... I think CB4's massive 16 board games are far too valuable to your team. It was a good offer from the other guy, just not for the way your team is built today... Go out and get another big time rebounder and then you could feel better about maybe making this move.

      Can you please check my post " Just Got This Offer "

    • Thanks for the input. I think I'll stick with what I have.

      Any suggestions thought on players I should go after? I'm sure I can weasel some trades out with guys in my leauge. There's a lot of teams struggling.

    • its tought to say. i think the 2 guys youd be getting are better than the 2 guys u have, but id probably stick with what you have, because it fits your team well.

    • I lose every week in 3's. Jennings and Artest are basically the only guys hitting 3's for me. Pierce hits some too.

      I'm good at FT. I'm in 2nd in the league, so I'm decent at everything, I'm just trying to make my team better. I don't want to sacrifice guys though that I shouldn't.

    • do you think if you included melo instead of bosh it would get accepted. i personally wouldn't accept it. but people see a boat load of pts and they cant say no sometimes.

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      • I won't be able to make that trade if I included melo. Its actually to my brother and he's a really smart kid. he has his eyes set on Bosh for the boards. Doesn't want to give me much for Noah either so I'm sure I won't be able to get Durant unless I throw in Bosh.

        I could try to pick up some other guys I'm sure with Melo. I'd miss the points, but I know I could still win. I traded Lebron earlier and have been doing better since them, so I'm not afraid to trade off big names. My team is stacked now because of it.

    • i like durant/mo. mo shoots the 3 and is good at ft%. he's better than rose. and durant/bosh are about even, it depends on your needs. can u answer my d harris thread thanks

    • generally speaking, id perefer mo and durant. but i think youd struggle with boards if you traded bosh.


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