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  • _Jcg _Jcg Dec 16, 2009 12:17 AM Flag

    Anybody believe in Tyrus?

    Is he a waste to hold onto at this point?

    I had some high hopes for him but I'm now thinking one of these guys could improve my team overall:

    Raymond Felton, Kenyon Martin or Ben Wallace

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    • it's tough to say.... honestly, they are probably about the same.... Tyrus might get a few extra blocks but Martin will win in points most likely and maybe other cats... i also think Tyrus' role with the Bulls is an unknown at the moment... i believe he will start, because he should be a starter, but before he get injured he was 'in the doghouse' for whatever reason....

    • Thanks for the great reply. I'm leaning towards Martin, my blocks and steals are lacking.

      you think Tyrus has a potential above what Martin brings?

    • depending on your needs, i'd take a look at those guys... Felton is hot right now, S-Jax appears to be helping him out.... he is scoring in double figures, getting a decent amount of assists, and he's getting steals every game.... he's playing consistent ball too...

      Kenyon Martin can fill a stat sheet though, minus the threes... on any given night he can get double digits rebound with steals, blocks, some points and an assist or 2

      Ben Wallace is my least favorite.... he'll score the least but is a good option for rebs blocks and steals.... i'd just rather go for Kenyon Martin personally

      so go for Felton or Martin depending on your needs.... i've heard rumors Tyrus could be back as soon as next week though but i haven't seen any official reports so it likely he is still maybe 2 weeks away


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