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  • John S John S Dec 15, 2009 8:29 PM Flag

    1st Year Keeper League Needing New Managers

    I have a 1st year keeper league that has already drafted, but a few of the managers are inactive, and we're replacing them. Contact me if you are interested (jschnurb@techie.com). Include a link to your fantasy profile.

    Commissioner's Note
    Keeper Settings:
    You may keep up to 3 players. All players are available for designation as keepers. Players you designate as keepers will be drafted in the round prior to that in which they were previously drafted. If you keep multiple players that were drafted in the same round, then the additional player(s) will be drafting in the preceding round. If all of your keepers would be 1st round picks, then they will move to the following round, instead. Free agents, if they were originally drafted, will follow the same rules according to their original draft position. If they went undrafted, they will be taken as your final pick in the draft.

    There are obviously countless possible keeper situations. Most of them can be handled with the setup described above. When you designate your keepers (by e-mailing them to me, or posting them on the message board), I will let you know where they will be drafted for you. That way no one gets surprised on draft day.

    Since I'm the commish, you're stuck trusting me to not screw you over. I will do everything I can to be fair and consistent in all situations.

    League Settings:
    Mostly standard positions and scoring, with the following substantial exceptions:
    1. Deeper bench (5).
    2. Trade reviews by Commissioner.
    3. Two Divisions.

    Trade Policy:
    1. Two managers will agree between themselves on a trade.
    2. Once accepted by both managers, the trade will then show up on everyone's "My Team" page for review.
    3. Everyone will look at the trade to determine whether or not they think it is fair.
    4. If you believe it is a fair trade, no action is necessary on your part.
    5. If you believe it is an unfair trade, please post your objections, complete with a rational reason, to the message board. I prefer this to having you send me a private message. I think it's better to have everything visible to everyone. If you send me a private message without stating in the message that you want it kept secret (with a very good reason), I will simply relay it to everyone on the message board anyways.
    6. If I have an objection to the trade, I will post my thinking, just like I expect any of you to do.
    7. If you are among the managers involved in the trade, or simply disagree with someone else's objection, feel free to defend the merits of the trade on the message board.
    8. I will consider all objections presented, and if there is sufficient opposition to the trade, I will disallow it. At this point, I'm not leaving it to a majority vote, since I can't be sure whether or not we have enough active managers to form a majority. As the season progresses, if it turns out that everyone is active, then I will happily turn things over to a majority vote.
    9. If there are insufficient objections to warrant disallowing the trade, then it will go through automatically after the 2 day period has ended. I will not be pushing any trades through before the 2 day period has ended. That will ensure that everyone gets the same treatment on all trades, and isn't subject to my whims or availability.


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