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  • Ryan Ryan Dec 15, 2009 11:07 AM Flag

    who to trade for stuckey

    I am a big fan of Stuckey, and I know he's on a hot streak right now. I just joined a new league a few days ago because I didn't care for my first team. I know my team is really good on paper, but I just feel it's not quite complete. I want to add Stuckey to my lineup, but I don't know who I should trade because I am so overloaded with SG's at this time. My lineup includes:

    R. Rondo (Bos- PG)
    K. Durant (OKC- SG,SF)
    C. Butler (Was- SG,SF)
    L. Deng (Chi- SG,SF)
    Z. Randolph (Mem- PF,C)
    R. Artest (LAL- SG,SF)
    T. Chandler (Cha- C)
    K. Perkins (Bos- C)
    M. Williams (Cle- PG)
    A. Brooks (Hou- PG)
    M. Dunleavy (Ind- SG,SF)
    J. Smith (Atl- SF,PF)
    K. Martin (Sac- SG) INJ

    Their lineup includes:
    D. Wade (Mia- PG, SG)
    J. Johnson (Atl- PG,SG,SF)
    D. Rose (Chi- PG)
    G. Wallace (Cha- SF,PF)
    L. Aldridge (Por- PF,C)
    B. Diaw (Cha- SF,PF)
    J. O'Neal (Mia- C)
    Z. Illgauskas (Cle- C)
    E. Gordon (LAC- SG)
    R. Stuckey (Det- PG,SG)
    L. Barbosa (Pho- PG,SG) INJ
    A. Kirilenko (Uta- SF,PF)
    T. McGrady (Hou- SG,SF) INJ

    I was leaning towards K. Martin for R. Stuckey, but I don't know if I should give them an injured player to recieve a healthy one. What is your opinion? Who would you trade for Stuckey?

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