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  • k k Dec 10, 2009 12:41 AM Flag

    D Howard vs Calderon

    I have a decent rebounding team and am solid with blocks. I need help with 3s FTs, Assists, but is the following deal worth it for me?

    I would give up Howard and Felton for

    Calderon and C Frye

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    • It's close, but your giving up a little too much. Felton is a non factor compeltely, the guy is worthless. So, it's pretty much a trade of Howard for Calderon and Frye. Try trading Howard straight across for Chauncy Billups. He's probably the best option for the stats you're looking for. Mo Williams would work too, but try for Billups first, his ast. are much better.

    • NO WAY howard has way more up side then calderon as a matter a fact calderon got hurt tonight so theres no telling how long this injury will affect him

    • you're an idiot if you go through with that. calderon is playing really inconsistently and frye has come back to earth a good bit. on the other hand felton is on fire lately and d howard is lighting it up. if you really want to do it you could probably get frye and calderon for d howard but if i were you id hold d howard and trade someone else.


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