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  • kevin m kevin m Dec 2, 2009 3:54 PM Flag

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    my name is kevin and in my league they call me mitch kupchak i will answer any of your trade disputes. Ask and you will recieve!

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    • Hi Kevin, thanks for your analysis. I'm hoping for your thoughts on my team.

      16-team H2H league, 9 standard cats, with playoffs. I'm looking to improve on turnovers, FG% and FT%. I'm dominant in rebounds, and strong everywhere else.

      My team:

      Andre Miller
      Kyle Lowry

      Landry Fields
      Wesley Matthews
      Manu Ginobili
      Thabo Sefolosha

      Jared Dudley
      LeBron James

      Shawne Williams
      Jeff Foster

      Kevin Love
      Andrew Bogut
      Ryan Anderson

      Who do you think would be good to offer and to target in a trade? Bogut has been great this season, but his rebounding is largely wasted on my team and his percentages are brutal, so I'm think of using him as trade bait, provided I can get a decent return in blocks. Another manager has Ibaka and Ray Allen; Bogut + who else makes it happen?

      Many thanks.

    • Looking to trade BGriffin because I want mo improve ft% since I have Durant on my roster. Looking for advice on who to target in a trade. My roster:

      Joe Johnson
      George Hill

      Let me know players who I should target please. I may also try to include Conley or Hibbert to try to get 2 stars in return.

    • Please rank these keeper combos in order of value (h2h cats format):

      A gets L James and R Westbrook

      B gets A Iguodala, R Rondo, and A Horford

      C gets C Paul and Josh Smith

    • drop udrih for barbosa?

    • This relates to the "Drop Delfino for K. Humphries" post above...

      So you would keep Delfino even though the bucks just signed Jerry Stackhouse??

      I plan on picking Delfino back up after I drop him - I just want to get Humphries before someone else does...

    • i get amare stoudemire and russell westbrook and give deron williams in a keeper.
      most say take it, but i think i lose in turnovers and fg percentage at least at guard,but it would give me a better starter at center and depth.

      12 team keeper roto

    • Traded Al Harrington and Jason Richardson for Kevin Garnett and Jason Terry today...did i win? h2h 9 cat 12man league

    • I just picked up Delfino the other day because he's played pretty well in back-to-back games (28 points with 6 3s on Saturday, and a double-double Monday)...

      I also have Yi Jianlian, and I think I'm about to trade him....Humphries is playing well, and his minutes are increasing. If I pick Humphries up, I basically recover Jianlian's stats for free (that is, if he continues to get minutes)...

      Should I go ahead and drop Delfino for Humphries (to make sure I have him), then try to grab Delfino back after the trade???

      Or should I hold Delfino and wait till a trade goes through to pick up Humphries with a free roster spot?

      Basically, who is more valuable - Delfino or Humphries???

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      • as for now i would keep delfino and i think he is better then humphries since he is more consistent and better all around

      • I traded Emeka Okafor and Anthony Morrow for Ray Allen. We could only start 6 players a day so i figured a 2 for 1 trade would work best. I also dropped some players for younger players with upside.

        My team before moves

        PG Deron Williams
        SG Danny Granger
        SF Jason Thompson
        PF Troy Murphy
        C Emeka Okafor
        UTL Jose Calderon
        BN Tyrus Thomas
        BN Jarrett Jack
        BN Anthony Randolph
        BN Anthony Morrow
        BN Andris Beidrins
        BN CDR
        BN Kyle Lowry

        My team after moves

        PG Deron Williams
        SG Ray Allen
        SF Danny Granger
        PF Troy Murphy
        C Andris Beidrins
        UTL Jose Calderon
        BN Tyrus Thomas
        BN Jarrett Jack
        BN Jason Thompson
        BN DeJuon Blair
        BN Luke Ridnour
        BN Robin Lopez
        BN Kyle Lowry

        Any other suggestions on potential trade targets/pick ups would be greatly appreciated.

        Some of the available FAs: Mike Miller, Dampier, Nate Robinson, CDR, Ilyosova, James Harden, Jared Dudley, Barbosa, Ryan Gomes, Delonte West, Rudy Fernandez, QRichardson, Kris Humphries

    • I am in a 12 team h2h league with 13 players on each team.

      I've been pretty actively in trades and pick up this season but want to see if there's any improvements I can still make to my team.

      This is my team.
      P. Gasol, C. Bosh, B. Roy, J. Kidd, M. Ellis, S. Curry, T. Evans, K. Love, A. Bargnani,
      A. Bogut, J. Salmon, M. Miller, J. Blair

      These are some free agents in the league.
      G. Arenas, F. Garcia, J Harden, C Lee, CDR, B Rush, R. Gomes, C Hayes, Del West, J Jeffreies, S Blake, Q

      And heres some names from the recent trade blk.
      Okur, Rondo, Duncan, Deng,

      And could you please rate my team and tell me wat I need


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      • u mite need 3s and steals and maybe blks and pts...ur team looks pretty solid though and i wudnt make major changes unless ur not dominating ur league but it looks to me that u shud be doin rather well based upon ur roster...as for picking up i mite suggest to pick up CDR or lee for mike miller

    • lebron/gwall or melo/durant

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