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  • J R J R Nov 13, 2009 2:41 AM Flag

    Who Wins?

    harris, sjax and jennings.

    jennings is the real deal. NJ has no one besides brook, cdr and harris - he'll be big when he fully recovers. sjax will stat fill. this trade is a little lopsided.

    there's too much competition for bibby; kidd is not performing very well, and bargs is looking decent.

    just not even though.

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    • Thanks! he offered Sjax, Harris, and Jennings to me.

      Anyone else?

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      • i think the value of SJax is highly dependent on which teams he lands on... too much uncertainty. if he lands in a contending team, he'll surely won't produce the same numbers.

        Harris is a risk bec he is injury prone.

        Jennings will be up and down but i think his stats will go down IF Redd comes back.

        the positive have been sighted already by another... just wanted to give the other side...

        now it all depends on your team. but i were to pick, i would pick sjax, harris, jennings... mainly bec of the upside...

        if you are happy with your overall team and with what you get with kidd, bibby and bargnani, then i suggest don't risk it... trade if you really need to build up your team.


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