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  • Naz Naz Jan 26, 2010 1:35 AM Flag

    Any Questions??

    I am in a 16-team (12 players) H2H league with keepers of up to 4 yrs total. I got offered:

    -Jennings (1st yr, 10th round)
    -Ariza (1st yr, 6th round)
    -Dalembert (1st yr, 8th round)


    -Al Jefferson (4th yr, 11th round)
    -Deng (1st yr, 5th round)

    I am in 8th out of 16, while only 6 teams make the playoffs. I would not keep Dalembert and Ariza for next yr while Jennings in the 10th is a steal. I am going to keep Brook Lopez (2nd yr, 11th round) and Yao Ming (1st yr, 12th round) for next yr. This leaves me with one spot available for a player that was drafted this past yr since Yao and Lopez will take up 3 out of the 4 yrs. Jennings would clearly be the choice as one of the best keepers (in the 10th), which would make my last 3 picks in the draft: Jennings, Lopez and Yao.

    However, I still feel as if I am giving up too much...
    What do u think? Can I get more out of him?

    My team:

    PG- Nelson, Conley, Foye
    SG- J Rich, Rudy
    SF- Deng, Marvin Will
    PF- Al Jeff, K-Mart
    C- Lopez, J. O`neal, Yao

    His team:

    PG- Jennings, Louis Will
    SG- Wade, J.R. Smith, C. Brewer
    SF- Ariza, Tyrus Thomas
    PF- Diaw, Robin Lopez, Hickson
    C- Dwight, Dalembert

    My PF slot becomes much weaker if I accept this trade. I would truly appreciate any input about the trade offered to me, as well as any possible trade scenarios I could offer him...

    Thx a lot,
    Peace out

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