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  • Ginger Kid Ginger Kid Nov 8, 2009 11:00 PM Flag

    Package for Troy Murphy?

    A team in my competitive, 14-team H2H keeper league says he's willing to move Troy Murphy in a 1-for-2 or 2-for-3deal to add much needed depth to his team. It's a 9-cat league (with A/T), and one C position.

    My team is definitely top-5, but I really want to push for the championship and have another keeper-caliber player (we keep 4). I'll post the rosters below - help me compose some deals that make sense, and might reasonably be accepted by an owner who is not an idiot.

    My team:

    PG - Jameer Nelson
    SG - Kevin Durant
    SF - Lebron James
    PF - Al Harrington
    C - Chris Kaman
    F - Charlie Villenueva
    G - JR Smith
    Util - Luol Deng
    Util - Chris Duhon
    BE - Andris Biedrins (whom I chose to keep over Bynum and Westbrook...)
    BE - Jarrett Jack
    BE - George Hill
    BE - Kyle Lowry
    IR - Kevin Love

    His team:

    PG - Chauncey Billups (untouchable)
    SG - John Salmons
    SF - Carmelo Anthony (untouchable)
    PF - Tim Duncan
    C - Troy Murphy
    F - Gerald Wallace
    G - Brandon Rush
    Util - Richard Jefferson
    Util - Paul Millsapp
    BE - Brad Miller
    BE - Thabo Sefolosha
    BE - Steve Blake
    BE - Martell Webster
    IR - Mike Miller

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    • he might accept deng and Charlie V for Murph although you'd probably be selling low on CV. CV is a guy I think can give you Murphy like stats when his game is on. I'd be hesitant to let him go. Deng and Kaman would get you the most value at this time and would probably be your best trade bets for now. Maybe Deng, Kaman and Love for Duncan and Murph. I might do that trade.

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      • Yeah, I see where you're coming from there. I don't think giving up Charlie V+ for Murphy makes my team better - they're so similar. Similar problem with Al Harrington. I drafted Kevin Love because he's potentially so similar to Troy Murphy statistically - rebounding stud, good ft% and fg%, decent scoring and assists, low TO, and (hopefully) 3s. But what value does he have to a team that's looking to make the playoffs from a hole?

        I like Duncan, but I worry a lot about what kind of minutes he'll be playing come fantasy playoff time, and he isn't exactly gaining value year to year. It seems like he's more valuable to the other team than he'd be to me.

        Gerald Wallace is interesting for the steal/block/rebound potential, and I certainly don't see Charlotte coasting into the playoffs, but I don't know what kind of price I'd pay for him. There's nobody else who's worth two of my guys, imo.

    • why do you think you need Murphy? Are you short on boards and treys?

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      • It's more that he has shown the ability to be a top-10 fantasy player over the course of a season, and in a few weeks I'll be taking Love off the IR and I'll have to drop a player anyway. I was OK with trading away Calderon in a 1-for-2 because I was pessimistic about him and thought I was getting excellent value, but generally speaking I'd prefer to concentrate the talent in my best 10 or 11 players, and it'd be a pretty big bonus in this league to have a player crack the top 4 on my team.

        As for specific needs, it's tough to say. Neither Smith nor Love has played a game yet, and Biedrins may as well have been injured. If they play as expected, I'm in great shape overall, but on Friday nights I'm still going to have to bench somebody like Luol Deng or Charlie Villenueva. This owner specifically said he wants to sell 1-for-2 or 2-for-3, and that everyone but Carmelo and Chauncey are available. I just went straight for Murphy b/c of the back, but Duncan and Gerald Wallace are certainly attractive as well. I just want to concentrate talent without foolishly overpaying.

    • i would sell high on chris kaman(he usually gets injured) and with blake griffin on the sidelines i expect his production to go down..if u want troy murphy give him harrington and jack...jack isnt starting and harrington is not consistent...or trade harrington,kaman, and jack for troy murphy and richard jeff(he will come around eventually in SA)

    • Bump.

      Any ideas here? He looks pretty weak at SG and is a huge Denver fan. How might a JR Smith - Troy Murphy deal look?

    • how the heck did u get james and durant on the same team on a 14-team league?


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